Make Peace Personal In 2020 – January 12th session

Is world peace possible in our lifetime? Is it possible humanity could become 100% civilized exercising mutual respect for life, family, community and continually making the planet a better place to live? When the challenges to peace among humanity and destruction of the planet via climate change seem  over-whelming – what can any one of us do?

The answer (in my opinion) is to start a coherent wave of frequency to resonate around the world.  If you understand the holographic principle that whole is contained in all of the parts you will also understand that your own resonance positive or negative will make a difference on the energetic grid of humanity.  Our day to day lives are merely a reflection of the bigger image on the world stage.

This imaging can be captured in a few questions: Where are you not at peace in your life? What relationships have been left unmended for you? Where in your life are things raging like the fires in Austrailia or out of control?  What do you want instead in your life in 2020?

Join me for a group proxy repatterning on Sunday January 12th at 2:00pm  for a WORLD PEACE HOLOGRAM repatterning – the first of 12 for 2020.  In this session we’ll identify and repatterning our issues and intentions and how they relate to the world at large.  While empirical evidence is not available, the positive changes you notice in the world is the confirmation we are looking for.. it will add to the waves of intentions for so many groups, so many invisible people wishing for a peace and prosperity that allows everyone the dignity of having a life, family and community free of hatred and cradled with respect.  Join Me and make a difference. !

With love and light for a peaceful world

Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

To participate submit your issue and intention at this google doc form link

View the session live January 12 at 2:0pm or watch recording later here: 

Oct.29 @ 3PM (Pacific): Resonate with a Civilized Election!

Are you weary of the the attack ads being run for all the various candidates this year? the robo calls; the divisiveness of our nation? Do you want things to be different? If so please join us for this group repatterning to resonate with civility during the upcoming mid term elections. Be part of the solution..and then vote your conscience.

You can participate in this group repatterning by filling in the form at the link below or by watching the recording. Once we identify how to be civil and we resonate with that concept we will all feel better!



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Supreme Court Justice Qualities

When Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court of the USA, I began to wonder what are the qualities that make a good Judge/Justice. I read a number of articles, but one, by retired Judge Steven Platt, stood out from the rest as describing well and succinctly all that a person must be, have, and do to make a good Judge, on any court, in any land. I bookmarked the article for later reference and went on holiday – it was July after all.

Having watched part of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings  last night and knowing that a confirmation vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee is imminent, I took the opportunity to do a Resonance Repatterning group session surrounding this issue – namely the qualities that a Judge or Justice should have in order to be given the office he/she seeks. 

I should make it clear here that this Repatterning isn’t about Judge Kavanaugh’s suitability for the job or otherwise, but rather the essence of what it is that makes a good Suprime Court Justice so that, whomever the Senate confirms in the end, justice is served in the highest court of the land (and all other courts as well, including those deciding the fates of immigrants, soldiers, dictators, etc), not just in the USA, but in very other country and internationally too.

I share my notes here, and I hope that, after you have read them through, you will be inspired to join your energy field to those of others and simply state your intention out loud, “I proxy myself into this session.” You might get a few funny looks if you’re in a room full of people, but just imagine the power we all have to change the current system and actually get the best people for the job in the right places!

Session Notes:

We started off with an Orientation for entraining our energy fields to be synchronised so they amplify and boost all our vitality and joy, trust and understanding. Also, right pacing – staying in rhythm with our own best timing. This is so important for being able to learn, grow, and overcome all obstacles in our paths.

Next, we went into an Intention. This was a big statement – much of the wording was taken from Judge Steven Platt’s article mentioned above, so consider it in quotation marks! Here is the statement:

“Judges, and especially Supreme Court Judges, are appointed or elected to fill these positions, without political agenda, based solely on possessing the following qualities:

1. the ability to apply the law to the facts and to understand how a judicial decision will affect the human beings appearing before the court

2. the ability to know and apply legal rules, analyses and procedures to different facts and circumstances, and the ability to quickly perceive, comprehend, and understand new concepts and ideas.

3. to have demonstrated a personal standard of ethical conduct that stands out among both the general citizenry and the applicant’s fellow practitioners.

4. the willingness to do what the law requires the judge to do even though the course the judge must follow is not the popular one, the courage to do so and the integrity to treat every individual with the same consideration regardless of identity, race, gender, political status, wealth or personal relationship of the party or lawyer before the judge, to be impartial

5. sufficient experience and education to perform the duties of the position being applied for

6. compatibility with the workload of the court

7. continuing legal education and motivation to improve his/her knowledge and to be open to new ideas, evolving attitudes, legal developments, and change in general

8. the ability to express oneself clearly, concisely, and grammatically, both orally and in writing and the ability to listen carefully and with attention

9. contribution to the public and the legal profession through organized Bar and non-Bar service organizations, volunteer activities, civic and cultural organizations, and pro bono work as a lawyer or in other capacities

10. to be in sufficient physical and mental health to perform the duties of the office, such that he or she will be able to render vigorous and effective service for the foreseeable future – the ability to tolerate conflict, pressure, and stress are essential

11. to be of the best character, have a positive reputation in every professional and residential community, be financially stable, and be free of references to immorality or indiscretions, a history of substance abuse or substance dependence, and free of indications of domestic violence, publicly unacceptable conduct and the like.”

Our resonance was Umbilically OFF for this intention, which suggests an unconscious lack of resonance, even though we are all consciously wanting and matching this statement energetically.

Next step was to identify the positive emotion – this is the reward our brain/body system needs for maintaining our resonance with our intention – in this case safety, happiness, and peace.  Again this was Umbilically OFF. In fact, all the statements in this Intention were off at the umbilical, unconscious level. This means that there is no neural pathway in our brains for these things – we simply don’t know how to create them – and that these patterns are likely generational, passed on from parent to child through entrainment.

For the purpose of keeping this post short(ish), some of the statements that were cleared include:

“I live in a just, fair, equitable, tolerant, loving and kind society. I am strong. I calmly handle stress and then relax deeply. I am receptive to the field of limitless energy that makes all things possible. I feel and acknowledge my pain and also feel joy, enthusiasm, and love as well.

The Repatterning needed to complete this session was the Disrupted Energy Repatterning which identified and shifted a blocked outward, expansive energy pulsation in the Water Sacral Chakra – linked to creativity, empathy, relationships, etc. Statements included:

I feel repressed. I feel guilty. I am unable to accept pleasure or happiness.

The Fire Solar-Plexus Chakra was also involved, as was the Earth Root Chakra with a shock from accidents.

This Repatterning also asks us to identify the problem that is linked to this disrupted energy. This was:

“Politicians are bought. The system is corrupt. We do not have true democracy. The wrong people are in the wrong jobs. We are controlled by fear.”

And we were resonating with this statement on a conscious level.

Surprisingly for a group Repatterning, we did need to identify an Earlier Experience linked to the energy disruption. This is unusual as it tends to be a very specific event, and for a group, it’s hard to pinpoint one that is the same for everyone. In this instance, it was linked to birth and our father not being there. The statement was “I have no father” and this was ON, suggesting a lack of resonance with the positive masculine energy we all need from our father as we come into this world.

The underlying need that was not met at this time was related to physical health and energy and it was:

I receive all the full-spectrum light I need.

We are beings of light and receiving enough light is of upmost importance to our well-being. The lack of resonance with this need was generational – 23 generations back to be precise! Because time is not linear, however, in the same way that you can proxy into a session after it’s complete, all our ancestors can have this resonance cleared through us in this session. Fantastic, isn’t it?!

My father is here for me. He is supportive, values me, loves me, and is proud of me.

This is the new memory/experience of birth, which, once the resonance has been shifted, becomes our new reality that leads to new positive responses and feelings in life, rather than the old pattern and emotions being reactivated.

The final statements, all Umbilically OFF, were:

I acknowledge others’ deepest fears. I radiate energy as love. Ideas pour through unimpeded and I move into positive action. I serve selflessly without any need for a reward.

And these were cleared through the use of three Modalities:

  1. The OM and G# tuning forks: moving them around the triads of the Fire Solar Plexus Chakra – thighs, umbilicus and head – in circular motions on opposite sides from each other.
  2. Shoulder Blade Release, which involves stretching the shoulders (Air Heart Chakra)
  3. And a Water Sacral Chakra energy contact, where the hands were placed on the trapezius (where neck meets shoulder) and diaphragm (under the rib cage), and then holding the Throat Reflex (a point inside the base joint of the big toe)

With love,


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“There’s Got To Be A Morning After…

…If we can hold on through the night
We have a chance to find the sunshine
Let’s keep on looking for the light” –Maureen McGovern

It’s the day after the election and there is a chance your candidate was not elected to lead this country.  Will you feel horrified?  Crushed?  Hopeless?  And if your candidate has won, will you feel vindicated?  Smug?  Justified?  Either way, will the venom continue?

Judging by the storm of vitriol, acrimony, hate, revenge, tension, threats, and the sheer jaw-dropping disbelief that we are where we are, November 9 will be a day of shock.

Acrimony… disgust … smugness … hate … tension … revenge … This is not Who you are. This is not Who we are. This is the way we are acting, but not Who we are at our core. Core comes from the French cœur which means heart. These are not attributes of the heart.   How do you know? Because when you are exhibiting the energy of these words you feel awful. You feel tension throughout your body, you are tired, stressed, irritable, and you feel separate from your fellow humans. In short, you feel sick and tired. These are sensations of dissonance, of incoherence.

Who are you at your core?  You are thoughtful, respectful, compassionate, helpful, connected, inclusive and generous. How do you know? Because when you are in the frequency of these descriptors you feel relaxed, grounded, flowing, flexible, energized, healthy and hopeful.  These are the signs of harmony, of coherence.

Incoherence … coherence … incoherence … coherence. Hmmm… which to choose?!

Believe it or not, even with this monumental decision (finally!) made, we have a choice. We have a choice to continue reacting and be/remain in incoherence (tight and constricted) or to respond by moving into coherence (relaxed and expanded). Can we disagree with our fellow humans (and with the President of the United States!) and be coherent? You bet your inalienable rights we can!

Your state of being lies not in who is President. Or in the job you have. Or in any surrounding situation. Your state of being lies within you. Your empowerment lies in your claiming your freedom to choose. Yes, there is initial shock. You get to feel it, be with it and breathe it through. Then, unless you are to be a victim of circumstances, you will… you must… search for and find your innate coherence.

If we think we are made or broken by who wins/has won this election we are selling ourselves short.  It’s done. Will we continue with the toxicity? At every turn we have the right to choose. Let’s exercise that right!

Resonance Repatterning is a brilliant and unique coaching method to help us find and reclaim our core … our coherence. Join Carolyn Winters and me on “the morning after.” It is our inviolable right to take back our personal power and to be grounded, solid, strong and compassionate no matter our circumstances.

In the second link below you will identify your incoherent reactionary patterns (those that make you feel tight, fearful, angry and nervous) and respond by claiming your coherent preference (ways you can feel empowered, strong and peaceful). Tune in on November 9 at 10 a.m. as Carolyn and I proxy in the coherence we desire to embody if we are to experience life consciously and fully.

“There’s got to be a morning after
We’re moving closer to the shore
I know we’ll be there by tomorrow
And we’ll escape the darkness
We won’t be searching anymore”

No matter who has won, vote now for YOU!

Georgia LaCroix

How to Participate: 

  1. Whether you attend the live session or not, complete the participation form.
  2. Watch the live streaming event or after completing the form, watch the video.
  3. Notice any positive changes occurring for you in relation to any ‘morning after’ issues.    Envision peace for this world!

Perspectives on Resonating with Respect and Value for Women [Article]

The recording of Donald Trump’s demeaning comments about women and open bragging of sexual assault has outraged many, not only because such a man is running for president, but also because so many people continue to support him in spite of his conduct. But beyond the actions of one man, the bigger issue that has been highlighted so effectively is the pervasive lack of respect and valuing of women in our society, which is so widespread, in fact, that many people don’t recognise it for what it is.

Perceptions have been shifting for years now, moving away from the strict gender roles men and women have been expected to adhere to in the past, but this has come about as a result of a long struggle by many women, who have worked hard and tirelessly to get the rights we have today. In the USA, for example, women couldn’t serve on a jury until 1973, they couldn’t get credit cards in their name until 1974, couldn’t sue for sexual harassment until 1977, and couldn’t keep their job if they were pregnant until 1987. They couldn’t refuse to have sex with their husband until 1993, and they couldn’t get a man’s rate for health insurance until 2010! The wage gap is still a big issue today, where women are payed 80 cents to the dollar earned by men, a statistic that is even worse for women of colour, not to mention the glass ceiling that is keeping women from rising to the upper rugs of the corporate ladder and power.

Yet it does not have to be this way. In fact, studies show that we all benefit from a more just and inclusive society. Companies with at least one woman on the board of directors, for example, do better than companies without. In a study of major political conflicts from 1900 to 2006, it was found that non-violent conflicts are almost 100% more likely to succeed, and that the greatest predictor of a movement’s decision to adopt non-violence as its Modus Operandi is its ideological beliefs regarding the role of women in public life. These are just a couple of examples out of many that show us what is possible when we all come together as equals, with respect and understanding for all.

Women make up half the population on our planet and have been devalued for centuries in the majority of cultures the world over. Resonance Repatterning teaches us that the entrainment that happens after birth and which is essential for the infant’s survival causes each one of us to resonate with cultural and generational beliefs that can be detrimental to our wellbeing and can hold us back from achieving our potential, both personally and as people who help shape the society we live in. Through Resonance Repatterning we have a unique opportunity to shift our resonance away from these beliefs and negative energies into a positive, all-inclusive reality of equality, respect and justice for all.

I am ready to resonate with this new reality. Are you?  Let’s repattern for this! Join us October 29th  when Carolyn Winter and I will include your issues and intentions in a group session on this topic.

Sophia A. 

Restoring Trust Lost in the World with Carolyn Winter

Emerging in the aftermath of the Paris attacks and the Belgian lock down with the the world contracting in response to these events was for me a most encouraging story.  The story of Antoine Leiris who lost his wife, the mother of their 17 month old son.  In an open letter he declared to the perpetrators “You will not have my hatred….. you  won’t have the hatred of my son either.”   He went on to explain that they will live with love and are free.

In the Resonance Repatterning system Leiris is at the point of choice.  He could choose to be a victim and the world would agree.   However, instead of spiralling down with fear, reaction, blame, hatred, anger or rage he has chosen the order of love.  He writes to the perpetrators ” …to respond to hatred with anger would be giving in to the same ignorance that made you what you are. You want me to be afraid, to look at my fellow citizens suspiciously, to sacrifice my freedom for security. You lose. The player still plays.”

As for the little boy who will never again see his mother: “..we will play like every other day and all his life this little boy will dare to be happy and free. Because No, you won’t have his hatred either.”  Leiris’ stand is courageous,

Your Point of Choice:  News from recent weeks has been filled with everyone’s reactions to the Paris events and the new threat levels world wide.  Here and there you will find a story of hope or encouragement.   Are you being triggered by the latest terrorist news into that downward spiral of fear, reaction, blame, anxiety or depression or are you actively choosing a higher thought order?   Be aware of your own point of choice and remember that you and only you have the ability to choose for yourself.

I once heard it said that if the entire world pulsed with the frequency of unconditional love for just one minute, we would instantaneously have world peace.   I want to believe this is true and while we may not attract the whole world, here at wph we can clear our patterns of inner peace and create waves for peace out there in the world.  May the butterfly effect prevail!

Resonate with Trust:  The continuing theme for my series is Patterns of Peace Among Faiths.   This Saturday December 5th  I will host a session focusing on the quality of TRUST  that enables us to spiral up as Antoine Leiris has done. When we trust that people are good, it is reflected in the little things we do day to day.  It enable us to treat others the way we wish to be treated, to listen and let others know that they matter and to keep our commitments.   Others respond to our frequency and extend the same trust back to us.

When we resonate with patterns of peace among faiths we’ll be creating a hologram of awareness for trust for each other.   We’ll be expanding the World Peace Hologram.

The session will include our own personal trust issues and intentions for financial stability, harmonious family relations, career, education and/or safety and security.

Please join me for the Repatterning the next session in this series “Resonate with Patterns of Peace Among Faiths.”  Complete the sign-up form with your information to be repatterned.


Grief and Gratitude

It seems a bit strange to be thinking about grief on such a joyous holiday, but Thanksgiving’s emphasis on what we are grateful for actually ties in quite well to our grief series. I recently started reading a book by Martin Prechtel called “The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise.” It is a poetic book that describes how our deep grief for something is actually a reflection of our values and praise – our gratitude – for that very same thing.

In his book, Martin shares beautiful practices for expressing grief as modeled by the indigenous community he lived with in Guatemala. From his vantage point, our western stoicism is actually counterproductive. We need to grieve and grieve loudly. We also need community who will surround us and support us in our grieving and make it safe enough to really dive into emotions we usually suppress.

So this Thanksgiving weekend, give thanks for your tears. Not only do they tell you what you love and what you are grateful for, they also are a wonderful expression of that love.

And don’t forget to join me for the next installment of the “Growing through Grief” series, which can be found here.

“I am safe ….. ” Repatternings facilitated by Lynn Larson

I am safe. I am content. I am kind. I am inspired.
I am safe.
I am content.
I am kind.
I am inspired.

In thinking about Global Peace, I have often wondered, “What is keeping us from peace? What is keeping me from peace?”

My greatest sense of peace comes when I am feeling safe – I have no sense of fight/flight, no need to protect myself, no need to defend anything. I can allow others to be as they are and myself to be as I am.

Within this place of safety I feel content with myself and can extend kindness to those around me.

When I am safe I also feel capable and calm. It is easy for me to receive inspiration and naturally take appropriate action. I can be in the moment, knowing that if I need answers, they will come to me.

So that I can experience this level of coherence more and more often, and radiate this coherence more and more strongly, I have committed to myself to continue sessions on this theme and I invite you to join in with me!

Although it is the same set of seed statements at the beginning of each session, because we are a group and because we change and because ‘life happens,’ we can continue to use this same set of seed statements for quite some time, becoming more and more strongly coherent with these frequencies so that our sense of safety, contentment, kindness, and inspiration infuses our day to day lives.

The Next session will be …  perhaps Dec 2nd.  stay tuned!

For convenience, here are the previous session notes:

The Mind Blowing Effects of Mass Meditation

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is one of the most fascinating, revolutionary and useful research, carried out in the world today. Its potential to improve the quality of our life is infinite. The scientific method being its only hindrance – to prove beyond reasonable doubt that we are all one. GCP is the brainchild of…

Source: The Mind Blowing Effects of Mass Meditation

Introduction: Repatterning for Patterns of Peace Among Faiths [New Series]

An important component of our well-being is to have faith, and or a spiritual or religious practice.    Such a practice, whether belonging to a group, attending religious services, practicing dogma, prayer or meditation can provide support in our lives and contribute to a sense of who we are and our purpose.   Our faith and related practices can help us through ‘dark nights of the soul’, give us guidance and support.  Science apparently is showing that involvement with religion can lead to longer life expectancy, lower unemployment and lower delinquency among youth.

In democratized societies we can take respect for our faith or religious practice for granted.  We are protected in law and we are not penalized for what we think.   We have no fear of expressing our thoughts or openly engaging in a spiritual practice that uplifts our spirit or our connection to our faith – provided our actions do not harm others or infringe on their rights.  However, in many parts of the world and perhaps within parts of our own that is not always the case.   Many wars or instances of a lack of peace are due to religious differences (witness the current situation in Syria) where some groups try to exert control over others.  For many, intolerance exists if others practice a belief different from their own.

There are many factors involved.  What stands out for me is how at no other time in history have we had so much access to the religions and faiths of others.  It is possible to live in a community that is strictly of our cultural heritage and or beliefs and yet work, play and interact with people of many other backgrounds.  I am not a historian, or a religion specialist, but I have noticed and read about how globalization is creating melting pots of culture throughout the world.  We all recognize the Golden Arches and clothing by GAP.  So, as our day to day existence becomes more the same around the word, we cling with passion to the remnants of what makes us different and unique, – our food, traditions, clothing, and our religion and our beliefs.  It helps us to claim our identity and connect with our clan and who we are.  This has presented both positive aspects of global expansion and evolution as well as deadly devastating clashes over thought and dogma.

Mostly we adopt the religious practice or faiths of our family and clan.  Most of us don’t really question or think about it.  Historically, our faith is a key link in our belonging to a family or clan.   However, it is only in the last 30 years or less, particularly in the west, that we have experienced the abandonment of religion, finding it again or creating a smorgasbord of religious practice that suits us and is not dictated by a fixed religious sect.  In doing so we may have abandoned our faith for social advantage or prosperity.  Intermarriage often asks a partner to decide to leave their faith to join the other.  Perhaps in the blending of families a religious path ended.  You may ask yourself – Am I resentful? Holding onto regret?  Resisting? Do I feel included or rejected because of my faith.   How well have I examined the faith that I was born into? A lack of self-inquiry may now have sprouted many unconscious patterns.  The dull unaware ache in our hearts is easily reflected in the global conflicts we watch on the news.

The importance of respect for a religious practice and set of beliefs is reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, Article 18 which declares:  “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

Additionally, in 2010 the United Nations also declared the first week of February to be “The World Interfaith Harmony Week (Feb 1-7th).  This declaration recognizes… “the imperative need for dialogue among different faiths and religions to enhance mutual understanding, harmony and cooperation among people…”  (Declaration:

In this Repatterning series we will map the patterns of intolerance each of us is noticing ‘out there’ in the world and we will compare this to the patterns within ourselves, seeking the light of day.   Rest assured that as with all repatterning sessions, acceptance and respect for all faiths are a given.   We will repattern to be able to understand others, appreciate our differences and not sacrifice who we are.  We’ll repattern to resonate with compassionate dialogue, and with key qualities of acting with mercy, kindness, compassion, and understanding for ourselves and all sentient beings .  We’ll resonate with the declaration above by the United Nations.

When we resonate with patterns of peace among faiths we’ll be creating a hologram of awareness that everyone is right, and deserves to be respected.  We’ll expand the space for dialogue that ‘enhances mutual understanding, harmony and cooperation among people…”  We’ll be expanding the World Peace Hologram.

Please join me for the Repatterning series “Resonate with Patterns of Peace Among Faiths.”