Event Dates

Events are  posted on the Event Calendar for WPH Events hosted at the Repatterning Practitioners Association website.  The  public is welcomed to sign up and be included as well as receive reminders of live events and access details.   Visit  WPH EVENTS at RPAMembers.og to view and register for upcoming events

All events are hosted as blog posts at this website.  Here are the last number of posted events:


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TYPES OF WPH (World Peace Hologram) EVENTS: 

Repatterning Practitioners of the RPA (Repatterning Practitioners Association)  may volunteer to do group sessions for world peace hosted at this blog website.  The Volunteer Practitioners are either certified members or student practitioner (interns).  Sessions by individual practitioners are announced and managed with one blog post that is updated.  The post usually announces the date of the session and how the practitioner would like you to participate.  Your issues and intentions are usually welcomed for each repatterning.   The format of the session varies with each practitioner including:

  • Sessions that are conducted off-line.  The energy fields of the participants are proxied into the session with permission.  The post is later updated with the session notes so that participants may confirm the shift in energy for themselves.   An audio recording may be included in the update.
  • Sessions are conducted off-line by video conferencing.  The Session Post is later updated with the video recording.
  • Sessions are conducted online with YouTube – Live Streaming.  The post will contain the broadcast link and go live on the announced date and hour.  When the session is over the recording will remain at the post page.  The session post may be updated with the session notes.