Supreme Court Justice Qualities

When Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court of the USA, I began to wonder what are the qualities that make a good Judge/Justice. I read a number of articles, but one, by retired Judge Steven Platt, stood out from the rest as describing well and succinctly all that a person must be, have, and do to make a good Judge, on any court, in any land. I bookmarked the article for later reference and went on holiday – it was July after all.

Having watched part of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings  last night and knowing that a confirmation vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee is imminent, I took the opportunity to do a Resonance Repatterning group session surrounding this issue – namely the qualities that a Judge or Justice should have in order to be given the office he/she seeks. 

I should make it clear here that this Repatterning isn’t about Judge Kavanaugh’s suitability for the job or otherwise, but rather the essence of what it is that makes a good Suprime Court Justice so that, whomever the Senate confirms in the end, justice is served in the highest court of the land (and all other courts as well, including those deciding the fates of immigrants, soldiers, dictators, etc), not just in the USA, but in very other country and internationally too.

I share my notes here, and I hope that, after you have read them through, you will be inspired to join your energy field to those of others and simply state your intention out loud, “I proxy myself into this session.” You might get a few funny looks if you’re in a room full of people, but just imagine the power we all have to change the current system and actually get the best people for the job in the right places!

Session Notes:

We started off with an Orientation for entraining our energy fields to be synchronised so they amplify and boost all our vitality and joy, trust and understanding. Also, right pacing – staying in rhythm with our own best timing. This is so important for being able to learn, grow, and overcome all obstacles in our paths.

Next, we went into an Intention. This was a big statement – much of the wording was taken from Judge Steven Platt’s article mentioned above, so consider it in quotation marks! Here is the statement:

“Judges, and especially Supreme Court Judges, are appointed or elected to fill these positions, without political agenda, based solely on possessing the following qualities:

1. the ability to apply the law to the facts and to understand how a judicial decision will affect the human beings appearing before the court

2. the ability to know and apply legal rules, analyses and procedures to different facts and circumstances, and the ability to quickly perceive, comprehend, and understand new concepts and ideas.

3. to have demonstrated a personal standard of ethical conduct that stands out among both the general citizenry and the applicant’s fellow practitioners.

4. the willingness to do what the law requires the judge to do even though the course the judge must follow is not the popular one, the courage to do so and the integrity to treat every individual with the same consideration regardless of identity, race, gender, political status, wealth or personal relationship of the party or lawyer before the judge, to be impartial

5. sufficient experience and education to perform the duties of the position being applied for

6. compatibility with the workload of the court

7. continuing legal education and motivation to improve his/her knowledge and to be open to new ideas, evolving attitudes, legal developments, and change in general

8. the ability to express oneself clearly, concisely, and grammatically, both orally and in writing and the ability to listen carefully and with attention

9. contribution to the public and the legal profession through organized Bar and non-Bar service organizations, volunteer activities, civic and cultural organizations, and pro bono work as a lawyer or in other capacities

10. to be in sufficient physical and mental health to perform the duties of the office, such that he or she will be able to render vigorous and effective service for the foreseeable future – the ability to tolerate conflict, pressure, and stress are essential

11. to be of the best character, have a positive reputation in every professional and residential community, be financially stable, and be free of references to immorality or indiscretions, a history of substance abuse or substance dependence, and free of indications of domestic violence, publicly unacceptable conduct and the like.”

Our resonance was Umbilically OFF for this intention, which suggests an unconscious lack of resonance, even though we are all consciously wanting and matching this statement energetically.

Next step was to identify the positive emotion – this is the reward our brain/body system needs for maintaining our resonance with our intention – in this case safety, happiness, and peace.  Again this was Umbilically OFF. In fact, all the statements in this Intention were off at the umbilical, unconscious level. This means that there is no neural pathway in our brains for these things – we simply don’t know how to create them – and that these patterns are likely generational, passed on from parent to child through entrainment.

For the purpose of keeping this post short(ish), some of the statements that were cleared include:

“I live in a just, fair, equitable, tolerant, loving and kind society. I am strong. I calmly handle stress and then relax deeply. I am receptive to the field of limitless energy that makes all things possible. I feel and acknowledge my pain and also feel joy, enthusiasm, and love as well.

The Repatterning needed to complete this session was the Disrupted Energy Repatterning which identified and shifted a blocked outward, expansive energy pulsation in the Water Sacral Chakra – linked to creativity, empathy, relationships, etc. Statements included:

I feel repressed. I feel guilty. I am unable to accept pleasure or happiness.

The Fire Solar-Plexus Chakra was also involved, as was the Earth Root Chakra with a shock from accidents.

This Repatterning also asks us to identify the problem that is linked to this disrupted energy. This was:

“Politicians are bought. The system is corrupt. We do not have true democracy. The wrong people are in the wrong jobs. We are controlled by fear.”

And we were resonating with this statement on a conscious level.

Surprisingly for a group Repatterning, we did need to identify an Earlier Experience linked to the energy disruption. This is unusual as it tends to be a very specific event, and for a group, it’s hard to pinpoint one that is the same for everyone. In this instance, it was linked to birth and our father not being there. The statement was “I have no father” and this was ON, suggesting a lack of resonance with the positive masculine energy we all need from our father as we come into this world.

The underlying need that was not met at this time was related to physical health and energy and it was:

I receive all the full-spectrum light I need.

We are beings of light and receiving enough light is of upmost importance to our well-being. The lack of resonance with this need was generational – 23 generations back to be precise! Because time is not linear, however, in the same way that you can proxy into a session after it’s complete, all our ancestors can have this resonance cleared through us in this session. Fantastic, isn’t it?!

My father is here for me. He is supportive, values me, loves me, and is proud of me.

This is the new memory/experience of birth, which, once the resonance has been shifted, becomes our new reality that leads to new positive responses and feelings in life, rather than the old pattern and emotions being reactivated.

The final statements, all Umbilically OFF, were:

I acknowledge others’ deepest fears. I radiate energy as love. Ideas pour through unimpeded and I move into positive action. I serve selflessly without any need for a reward.

And these were cleared through the use of three Modalities:

  1. The OM and G# tuning forks: moving them around the triads of the Fire Solar Plexus Chakra – thighs, umbilicus and head – in circular motions on opposite sides from each other.
  2. Shoulder Blade Release, which involves stretching the shoulders (Air Heart Chakra)
  3. And a Water Sacral Chakra energy contact, where the hands were placed on the trapezius (where neck meets shoulder) and diaphragm (under the rib cage), and then holding the Throat Reflex (a point inside the base joint of the big toe)

With love,


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Releasing Trauma on June 16th

Have you noticed how much trauma there is in the news? There are volcanoes erupting, wars, struggles against oppression, demonstrations, immigrants risking their lives to flee dangers at home, children separated from their parents, kidnapped, people assaulted, raped… Each one of those things (and many more besides!) causes trauma and, if we put them all together, we can safely conclude, I think, that there are a huge number of people living with trauma today.

I read somewhere once that the effects of war linger in a population for three generations after its end. And I find myself wondering, could that explain the current situation in Palestine? The genocide against the Jews in Europe left deep scars and trauma. The victims have now become the perpetrators. It is a common pattern. People like R. Kelly, who were sexually abused as children, sexually abuse others as adults.

Yet equally common is the pattern of remaining a victim, at least in certain situations. Victims of abuse, rape, muggings often experience these things repeatedly. People like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby don’t abuse every woman they meet. Both a victim and a perpetrator are needed for abuse to happen, for the pattern to be repeated over and over again, for it to continue through to the next generation. How else does one explain the continued sexism, racism, and homophobia we see today?

Movements such as #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, #MuteRKelly are about breaking this pattern. They are about bringing to our conscious awareness that these patterns exist and something must be done about it. Perpetrators must be stopped, victims must be supported and allowed to heal, and that it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that happens.

Bringing thoughts, behaviours, patterns and feelings to our awareness is the first step, but in order to see real change, it is imperative that we shift our resonance, both individually and collectively, to a new, higher frequency. We need to let go of the outdated beliefs and patterns holding us trapped in this cycle and begin resonating with new beliefs that empower us to create a new reality for ourselves and others.

Resonance Repatterning (RR) is a tool that allows us to do this almost painlessly. My colleague, Tabitha, and I have decided to team up and facilitate this for everyone. Simply give us permission to proxy you into this group RR session below, fill out the rest of the information (all submissions are anonymous) and rest assured that your energy will be included in this session, whether you find this post (and recording) today, or five years from now. By including yourself, you will not only be shifting your own patterns and beliefs, but those of the whole of humanity. Try it out! What have you got to lose?

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Perspectives on Resonating with Respect and Value for Women [Article]

The recording of Donald Trump’s demeaning comments about women and open bragging of sexual assault has outraged many, not only because such a man is running for president, but also because so many people continue to support him in spite of his conduct. But beyond the actions of one man, the bigger issue that has been highlighted so effectively is the pervasive lack of respect and valuing of women in our society, which is so widespread, in fact, that many people don’t recognise it for what it is.

Perceptions have been shifting for years now, moving away from the strict gender roles men and women have been expected to adhere to in the past, but this has come about as a result of a long struggle by many women, who have worked hard and tirelessly to get the rights we have today. In the USA, for example, women couldn’t serve on a jury until 1973, they couldn’t get credit cards in their name until 1974, couldn’t sue for sexual harassment until 1977, and couldn’t keep their job if they were pregnant until 1987. They couldn’t refuse to have sex with their husband until 1993, and they couldn’t get a man’s rate for health insurance until 2010! The wage gap is still a big issue today, where women are payed 80 cents to the dollar earned by men, a statistic that is even worse for women of colour, not to mention the glass ceiling that is keeping women from rising to the upper rugs of the corporate ladder and power.

Yet it does not have to be this way. In fact, studies show that we all benefit from a more just and inclusive society. Companies with at least one woman on the board of directors, for example, do better than companies without. In a study of major political conflicts from 1900 to 2006, it was found that non-violent conflicts are almost 100% more likely to succeed, and that the greatest predictor of a movement’s decision to adopt non-violence as its Modus Operandi is its ideological beliefs regarding the role of women in public life. These are just a couple of examples out of many that show us what is possible when we all come together as equals, with respect and understanding for all.

Women make up half the population on our planet and have been devalued for centuries in the majority of cultures the world over. Resonance Repatterning teaches us that the entrainment that happens after birth and which is essential for the infant’s survival causes each one of us to resonate with cultural and generational beliefs that can be detrimental to our wellbeing and can hold us back from achieving our potential, both personally and as people who help shape the society we live in. Through Resonance Repatterning we have a unique opportunity to shift our resonance away from these beliefs and negative energies into a positive, all-inclusive reality of equality, respect and justice for all.

I am ready to resonate with this new reality. Are you?  Let’s repattern for this! Join us October 29th  when Carolyn Winter and I will include your issues and intentions in a group session on this topic.

Sophia A.