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new_pa8Welcome to the World Peace Hologram program… where Repatterning Practitioners offer healing sessions that create peace within for the purpose of creating world peace.     Our practitioners use the Resonance Repatterning system of healing to conduct group free sessions at this site.


Instructions for Participants 

1. Sign Up for Each Event – here’s how:  Participants are invited to sign up for any event in which they wish to be included.  Follow the instructions in each event post for how to be included.  Some are by proxy where you leave your name and submissions of issues and intentions in the REPLY box.  Others will include a form in their post for you to complete.

2. VENUES – Each practitioner will let you know how the session is being offered in their announcement.

By Proxy or Long Distance – Sessions may either be by proxy or long distance where you sign up in advance, the practitioner does the session using your submitted information but there is no live interaction during the session.  Notes are then posted later.

By Teleconference Call – Practitioners will provide a conference call number in their post and post the MP3 for the event afterwards.

By YouTube Live Events – a video session that participants may watch in real time or view afterwards.  A link is provided in the announcement post.

In your local area – Some practitioners will offer WPH sessions in their geographic as in-person events AND include the proxy sign ups from this site!

3.  Integrate the Session:   Practitioners will post their session notes a few days later and can be found at the POST SESSION NOTES tab on the left.   These will also be announced in the next newsletter.  Use the notes to integrate the session.  Review the notes and select 2-3 statements that speak to you.  Reflect on how these statements are showing up in your circumstances.  Also take note of any synchronicities that occur for you.

4. Share any insights, shifts or any synchronicities that occur for you that you believe are related to the session.  Complete the REPLY box on the post with the session notes and leave your comments or press the LIKE button.  We’d appreciate it!

5. When is the next session? – All sessions are offered on a voluntary basis by our volunteer practitioners. Each practitioner will post their next event on this blog.   Check the UPCOMING EVENTS tab for next events or Click the name of any listed practitioner in the side bar for their next announced event.

You may also keep in touch by either following this blog (See the FOLLOW Button in the left side bar) OR sign up for our weekly emailed newsletter with all recent session announcements (Recommended).

6. Who are the practitioners? Get to know Repatterning practitioner volunteers at WPH.  They are featured in the left sidebar of this site.  Hover over a name to obtain their complete profile and contact information.

Your thoughts matter! Imagine the world
a little more at peace with your participation!  

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