WPH Session for Toronto July 25th

Downtown Toronto from my office window; the Danforth is left of this and looking east

The tragic Toronto events of last July 22 leaving 2 dead and 13 injured has disturbed inner peace for many.   Events such as these put more of us in touch with our interconnection with each other.  We feel the pain as if it is our own as we can all imagine being out on a Sunday night – dining with friends or family, strolling through a family friendly community,  and enjoying a perfect summer evening.  The shock of such a tragedy can equally make us feel we were there – experiencing the horror, disbelief and our shattered feelings of safety.   We can feel helpless and spiral down.  Sadly, too many cities around the world are experiencing this type of senseless terror on a regular basis.

Join me for this special WPH edition session – a group repatterning to address the disturbed inner peace we experience with these related events.  Let’s resonate with a stop to this type of violence, a quick recovery for the community and all concerned and peaceful resolutions that prevent a re- occurrence.

The session was broadcast July 25th at 6:30pm.  Experience the session for yourself by watching the video and/or reading the session notes.


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