A coincidence? Finding results in the news from our WPH sessions

In the session on January 22 for the Survival and Recovery of Haiti  an Earth Element Repatterning was used and in part here are some of the statements affirming the patterns that will nurture our Earth Element. Notice the statement on Singing!!!!!  It is interesting to note that the session also incorporated the Jan 22 TV Special organized by George Clooney with singers and other entertainers helping to raise funds for Haiti.  

What will nurture our earth element?
-supplies get through /On
-every day another miracle happens and another life saved. /On
-we move out of chaos to a coordinated plan WITH Haitian people/On
-safety rules/On
-sanitation is valued by everyone/On

I nurture myself by helping as I can and praying regularily./on
We keep our spirits up through singing. /On
I feel the connection with the caring world./ /On
we forge new lifelong friendships. /On
we are understood. /On
We are inspired. /On

Did the session over here with us creating a wave of coherence for people over there work?   This moring I read this article in my local paper online and had to smile. See what you think:

“This Haitian town is singing Canada’s praise – thestar.com” : http://bit.ly/5FZaUl via @addthis

What synchronicities are you noticing as a result of the sessions?