Notes from Healing Our Environment, August 1, 2015 by Jennifer Johnson

A small group of practitioners met with me at my house to join me for the WPH Repatterning on Healing the Environment.  I began with the proxy entries which had been posted online and added input from those of us gathered.  People who had signed up online had selected one category from a list of environmental problems that they wanted to focus on and set an intention for one action they could take to make a difference.  We focused on one area of interest at a time and named some specific problems related to that category, added the intentions and integrated sections from the Problems into Opportunities for each categories used.

Statements of RESONANCE with Problem statements, negative feelings and fears were originally On then shifted OFF after the Modalites.  Statements of RESONANCE with Intentions for New Possibilities were originally OFF and shifted to ON after the Modalities.


Problems: ON then OFF after modality

1. Species are not seen as a sacred part of the whole and we don’t see that we are one and interrelated at the deepest level.

2. Our actions are inhospitable to nature and in the process we humans are destroying the habitats that sustain life.

3.  There is a sense of humans dominating over nature.  We don’t nurture and care for the Earth as she cares for us.

4.  Our consumptive lifestyle uses up resources in an unbalanced way with little regard for future generations of all species, including humans.

Feelings:  ON then OFF after modality

1. I feel overwhelmed, very sad, angry, hopeless and disempowered.


1.  I focus on national forests and envision many forests large, lush and thriving.  I envision large companies who rely on trees to make their paper products turning toward renewable resources such as industrial hemp. My concentrated, clear thought projection carries a powerful wave length that goes out and attracts others, bringing this vision to fruition and augmenting already existing activism efforts to help propel them forward.  Focused thought projection is powerful!

2. I advocate for organics and putting a stop to our dependency on chemicals and the companies that make them.


Problems: ON then OFF after modality

1. Denial by many people and those in power of the reality of human contribution to climate change.

2. Systemic momentum of large corporate oil, gas, and coal industries that extract resources and pollute the environment releasing huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

3.  Human dependency on fossil fuels and human consumption patterns that support this systemic problem.

3.  Our denial blocks our creativity, drive and ability to create solutions for a sustainable future.

4.  As our environment becomes more toxic we get caught up in addressing the symptoms rather than addressing the core problems of climate change.

FEARS:  ON then OFF after modality.

I am afraid that….

1.  We are running out of time.

2. We are on the precipice of entering an age where our way of life will be VERY SEVERELY challenged.

3. We are devolving into deeper conflict, us vs them, as we scramble over reduced and less available resources.

4. We create even more harmful methods of extraction of resources, i.e. fracking.

5. We continue to refuse to focus our energies for development of new and clean alternative sources of energy.


1.  I ride my bicycle more often instead of driving.

2.  I speak up by responding to online surveys and provide support to politicians  who see the threat to all of life as a result of climate change.  I join with other to demand the creation of alternative, renewable, and clean sources of energy.

3.  I find one piece of media a week for the next month that educates me about the positive actions that people are taking to curb climate change.  This gives me inspiration for large things I can do and support.

4.  I do the political actions recommended by the Environmental Defense League (EDF) and National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), contact elected officials when bills addressing climate change come up for vote.  I also continue to send emails to family and friends to increase awareness.  My actions sustain and empower me.

5. I recycle.

6.  I am more Eco friendly.

7.  I avoid eating meat.

8.  I pray and meditate daily for harmonic vibrations to saturate our beloved and beautiful planet earth.  I maintain neutrality and ground in love and compassion when I face unintentional or intentional abuse of our planet so that my prayers for healing may reach the God space in them and create change. I am mindful of my own thoughts and feelings and how I express them.

9.  I discontinue use of Roundup and educate and inform family and friends to the global consequences of using it.

DROUGHT: These PROBLEMS were originally ON but OFF after the modality.

1.  Unsustainable agricultural practices contribute to water scarcity and  pollution.

2.  Increased climate temperatures and desertification of vast areas of  land.

3. Overuse of water resources with poor urban planning.

4. Lack of collection and use of rain water for personal and collective use.

5. The drying up of underground streams due to deforestation resulting in erosion.

6. Increased world wide conflict and wars over water rights.


1. Our agricultural system adopts permaculture practices of collecting and using water more sustainably.

2.  I educate myself about permaculture practices and other water collection and saving methods.

3. I purchase my produce from local farmers who use sustainable water practices.

4. I explore the use of and installation of low water use appliances and shower heads in my home.

5. I plant native and drought resistant plants.

6. I support the continued  efforts of supplying water systems to provide clean potable water to drought stricken villages.

7. I use water conservatively and when drinking water I am mindfully thankful for it.

8. I treasure the water we have and use it wisely.

9.  I support efforts of bring clean water to needy areas in our world.


PROBLEMS:  Originally ON and OFF after the modality.

1.  Plastic bags gathered at the bottom of the ocean forming fields of garbage and bunched together as floating islands on our seas.

2. Toxic levels of drugs, illicit and prescribed, and chemicals that end up in our water systems.

INENTIONS: Originally OFF but ON after modality.

1. I reduce my use of plastic bags and packaging.

2. I voice my complaints for excessive plastic packaging to manufacturers.

3.  I dispose of pharmaceuticals and toxic substances, i.e. batteries, to designated collection sites.

4. I educate myself and take steps to reduce my use of petroleum products for my personal use.

5. I nurture my connection to Mother Earth in a mindful and heart-led way by spending time in he natural world.

LACK OF FORGIVENESS: OFF then ON after the modality

I forgive myself, my ancestors and the power structures for contributing to the environmental problems and challenges we face today and I open my heart to love.


Color Your World Glasses (Lime and purple) to bring coherent light into an optimal frequency range and toning the interval of a 5th for balance and to cancel out disturbing frequencies in our mind-body fields.

POSITIVE ACTIONS:  to be done following the session to anchor the shifts of resonance received in the session.

1. I look for and and nurture what is good.

2. I do a daily action of something that is hopeful and positive.  This sustains and empowers me.

3. I connect with others on a regular basis who look for the good and share a commitment to create a better world.

We did a Lion Pose modality to be ON for the Positive Action Intentions

Thank you for your participation in this session which has addressed some of the ways in which we have behaved violently toward our precious planet.  Please watch for upcoming WPH in which I will offer repatternings dealing with other ways in which violence permeates our culture.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Johnson