January 28th Session Notes for Survival & Recovery in Haiti – Meridian Tune-Up

Repatterning For Survival And Recovery In Haiti

January 28, 2010 at approximately 10 PM Eastern

“I now proxy all registered participants and the field of intelligence for survival and recovery in Haiti”-Carolyn

 Pain Repatterning From “Holographic Repatterning And Univision” By Chloe Faith Wordsworth

 Present pain related to the earthquake/off
The pain of the disaster is held in the limbs of the people harmed in the earthquake/off
We resist survival/off
Aid is not getting through/off
Hospitals and medical personnel do not have what we need/off

Fears involved-we are afraid of dying, dying alone, being abandoned, separated from others, commitment, and being unable to communicate, being untrustworthy, chaos, our reactions, sudden changes, depression and aloneness/off

Positive message needed: we are being held even when we are alone./on

 Magenta color wavelength blocked in our visual field/off

 Tension in the iris of our eyes/off

 We see and accept the innate perfection in our lives./on

 Higher purpose involved: we re-build Haiti with more strength, dignity, respect, integrity and international goodwill./on
We have the strength to face these circumstances./on
There is always another possibility/on
We forgive those who let us down./on

Modality to create coherence: visualization exercise-completed

 Orientation needed-we pace ourselves staying in rhythm with our own best timing so we integrate our experiences and cope with challenges as positive opportunities for extraordinary outcomes/on

Modalities to create coherence: yawning and stretching movement exercise + contact on Jin Shin #2 for a few minutes

“All statements have cleared, we are now “On” for the positive and life enhancing frequencies and “Off” for that negative or life depleting frequencies identified in this session. I am completely being a proxy for all registered participants and the field of intelligence for the survival and recovery of Haiti”-Carolyn

My thanks and gratitude for everyone who prixied into this session!

The Courage to be Love in Action: Optional Preparation for Tele-session on 1/26

Love in Action is when you do what matters to YOU just because it matters to you. And because it matters enough to do it no matter what the world reflects back to you. You do it and in the doing of it you find out what matters to you, and maybe best of all – You find out what stops you.

If you’d like to prepare for this session, here is a brief exercise:

The Courage to be Love in Action

-1- Identify an action that you do, or would like to do. Something that you care about, something that reaches deep into what is meaningful for you.

It doesn’t need to be either pleasant or ideal.  For example:  I am thinking about my recent experiences with family during the holidays.  It could be family, your art, hobby, friends, work – anything that has significance for you personally.

-2- Now that you have your action:   What are the “conditions”  that you have around it?  How does it need to be so that you are getting what you want?   It isn’t always easy to be conscious of your conditions.  So ask yourself,  “What do I want from this action?”

In the example above, “home for the holidays”, I would have answered:

– I want to feel welcomed

– I want people to ask about me and about my work

– I want to have reasonably comfortable and interesting conversations that at times might include me and my work…at least once (a year? ever?).

– I want to talk about my interests, what I care about

– I do not want to be in arguments or lectures about politics, the environment, health care, or the economy

– I want dignity, not shame, about my life path

– MOST of all, I want warmth. I want warmth towards and from my family

Soooo, you get the drift.  Your turn.  List what you want or don’t want and realize…these are “conditons” that you place, meanings that you give, things you think you need or deserve.

NOW what? How do you get from conditions to unconditional love?  After all, the conditions ARE there. You want what you want, right?  There is nothing wrong with that… there is nothing wrong with wanting this type of connection with my family, right?  What is wrong with wanting warmth (for example)?

3- Love in Action is recognizing your conditions and letting them go.  If you need something from another person…like I needed from my family, then let it go.  Realize, in a very SPECIFIC way, that they cannot, or have not, or will not, or may never ever, give you what you need, or be who you need, or help you feel how you need.

Honor what you “need” and want. Accept that you need and want it. Own that you wish it and pine for it.  Recognize that you feel damaged, wounded, sad, angry, frustrated….what EVER.  Then grieve that you don’t have it or can’t have it and then LET IT GO.  Shrug.  Accept it.

Imagine it is now the end of time and shrug…”well, THAT didn’t happen…oh well.”   What you have done is let them off the hook. You are finally letting them be who they are, and who YOU are, and maybe its NOT what you need.  They just are, you just are.  When you let them off the hook, amazingly, AMAZINGLY, they will release and be able to move toward you.  “They” …”it”…”you”…what ever fits for your situation.

Realize that there is usually something like this statement running as a current in your energy:

I need _________(fill in the blank) to do ___________ so I can feel ____________.”

(My example: I need my family to approve and understand what I do so I can feel proud of myself.)

Love in Action is when you do what matters to YOU just because it matters to you.  And because it matters enough to do it – no matter what the world reflects back to you.  You do it and in the doing of it you find out what matters to you, and maybe best of all

You find out what stops you.

The courage part?  The courage part of love in action is how much truth is required to get there.

Join me 1/26 at 9 pm Eastern for the tele-session "The Courage to be Love in Action"

Repatterning for Stability and Love in Haiti 1/21/10

This is a Resonance Repatterning proxy group session to support Stability and Love in Haiti. You can participate in this long distance healing session at any time and receive the benefits of the shifts.


Resonance Repatterning Proxy Group Session (Long Distance Healing)

Facilitated by Elizabeth Tobin, JD, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

January 21, 2010

The statements with ON in front of them represent the positive frequencies that have been switched ON for you. The statements with OFF in front of them represent the negative patterns that have been switched OFF for you.  I set a retroactive intention to include everyone who wishes to be included in this session, regardless of when they register for the session or when they read this report.

A.  Name the New Possibility:

ON My inner stability radiates out to Haiti and all of the Earth, bringing stability and calm to all areas of disturbance and turbulence within the hearts and minds of humanity, the Earth, and all of her inhabitants.

B.  The New Possibility in Terms of Your Feelings:

ON I take responsibility for all of my feelings and I understand the effect that their ripples have on our Earth and all of creation.

C.  What Brings Meaning to Your Life and Fills You with Confidence and Joy?

ON What brings meaning to my life and fills me with confidence and joy is being a constant, positive presence for stability, love and peace on this Earth.

D.  What Might Happen that Is Positive Once You Are a Constant, Positive Presence for Stability, Love and Peace on this Earth?

ON Now that I am a constant, positive presence for stability, love and peace on this Earth, all of the Earth and her inhabitants shift gracefully into a higher consciousness that supports peace and freedom for all.

E.  The Harmonious Note Needed to Anchor these New Possibility Intentions into Your Energy Field: Note of B Relating to the Crown Chakra

Checking the Note of B at its exact harmonious frequency range:

ON 493.88 cycles per second.

Checking the Note of B at its exact harmonious octave range:

ON 15804.27 cycles per second

The Correlation for the Harmonious Note of B:

ON I value whatever supports the highest  good for each person, including myself.

F.  Acceptance Is Needed:

ON I accept the consequences of manifesting my intentions and I move into action with inner strength, integrity and acceptance of the Divine Will.


A.  The Collapse Compensation Needing to Be Switched OFF:  Powerlessness (With this compensation you make it through life by holding in your impulses and never fully expressing yourself successfully in the world.)

OFF Failing gets me attention.

B.  The Coherent Way of Being that Needs to Be Switched ON to Free You of the Powerlessness Compensation:

ON I feel safe and loved when I am positively self-assertive.


(Disturbances in the energy field manifest as physical disturbances.  If you can transform the non-coherent sound, color and shape (geometric frequency) in the energy field, you can change the outward manifestation as well. Chloe Wordsworth writes that the intention of this Geometric Frequency Repatterning is “to support you in opening your heart, so you experience joy and well-being in all of your life circumstances, however challenging they may be.”)

A.  What Problem Are You Facing?

OFF I see only death and suffering in Haiti. I cannot see the higher purpose in this situation. My fear, pity,  and helplessness are adding to the Haitian people’s suffering.

B.  The Disharmonious Note of this Non-Coherent Frequency Pattern: Note of A Relating to the Brow Chakra

Checking the Note of A at its exact disharmonious frequency range:

OFF 440.00 cycles per second.

Checking the Note of A at its exact disharmonious octave range:

UMB OFF 7040.00 cycles per second.

C.  The Emotional Component of the Dissonance:

OFF I feel afraid.

D.  The Inner Conflict Involved:

OFF There is something I don’t want to deal with.

E.  Toxicity Needing to Be Switched OFF:

OFF Parasites.

OFF Radiation.

F.  The Energetic Location of the Dissonance

UMB OFF The dissonance is located in my heart chakra on the mental level.

OFF The dissonance is located in my sushumna.

UMB OFF The dissonance is located in my Small Intestines Meridian on the emotional and spirit levels.

G.  The Non-Coherent Energy Wheel of Dissonant Frequencies:

OFF Checking for resonance with the print-out depiction of the non-coherent frequency pattern.

(I created this two-dimensional depiction of the dissonant frequencies, you do not need to see this or create one for yourself for this session. This has been done for you and your resonance with this dissonant pattern has been switched OFF.)

H.  Identify the Higher Purpose:

What is the higher purpose concerning your dissonance?

ON All of humanity comes together to create balance and harmony on Earth.

ON The people of Haiti rebuild their homes on a strong foundation of love and support.

ON The hearts of humanity open and flower with love and compassion.

UMB ON We take responsibility for our individual actions and for the actions of our governments and agencies who act on our nations’ behalf.

ON I release the dissonance causing my own distress and which contributes to the world’s  disturbances, instability and turmoil.

ON I embody a new positive energy pattern naturally, easily, and in the time period that most benefits my self-healing process.

ON I live my life in accordance with natural law –doing what is life-energizing for my body, emotional well-being, mind and spirit, as much as possible.

UMB ON I forgive myself for the part that I have played in acquiescing to my government’s policies that create instability in the world.

ON What is good about me is that I am caring and compassionate and I speak up for what I know is right.

I.  The Optimal Frequency That Will Bring Coherence to Your System in the Gentlest and Most Beneficial Way: Note of F Relating to the Hearth Chakra

Checking the Note of F at its exact harmonious frequency range:

ON 349.23 cycles per second.

Checking the Note of F at its exact harmonious octave range:

UMB ON 5587.65 cycles per second.

J.  The Coherent Energy Wheel-Print Out Needed to Neutralize, Cancel or Optimize the Dissonance Frequencies Identified in this Session:

(I created this two-dimensional depiction of the harmonious frequencies, you do not need to see this or create one for yourself for this session. This has been done for you and your resonance with this harmonious pattern has been switched ON.)

UMB ON Stability and love are harmonious qualities that create a bridge of light between Nature and the human body, heart, mind and spirit. We are all ascending on this rainbow bridge of light.

4.  MODALITY TO TRANSFORM RESONANCE: (You do not need to do this; I did this for you during the session. )

Place the picture of the Coherent Energy Wheel Print-Out on Each of the Chakras While Singing:

“I am stability and love. I am ascending on a rainbow bridge of light.”

5.  POSITIVE ACTION (It is recommended that you do this to help you activate and integrate the shifts from this session.)

Make up a song using one or more of the positive statements from this session. Make up your own tune and sing it out loud to the world, with love in your heart and joy in your being.  Be aware of the positive ripples that your tune is sending out to Haiti and the world.   Do this within 24 hours of reading this report.

This session is complete.

Take a few minutes and sit quietly and breathe.  As you breathe in and out, relax your body and allow these shifts to settle into your whole being, from the cellular and DNA levels up to the spirit level. You don’t need to do anything, just rest, breathe and be.

You may be feeling more energized right now. Or you may feel tired. Either feeling is normal. Take the time right now to give your body what it needs, whether it’s rest or movement.

In addition, it’s always good to drink water after a session to cleanse your system and keep the energy moving.

Some people feel the shifts very profoundly and for others, including myself, the shifts are more subtle and they accumulate over time. They may unfold so gently and naturally that you may not even notice the positive changes.

Journaling is a great way to gain insight and track your progress. In addition you may get “messages” from your dreams or continue to heal these patterns while you sleep.

Notice how you are feeling over the next few days, how you are relating to people and how people are relating to you. You may notice that situations which usually push your buttons don’t have that same effect anymore. You may notice yourself coming to some important insights about yourself, your life and your relationships. Watch for those little signs along the way that signify that you are making positive change. Notice the synchronicities and flow with them.

Each person experiences the sessions in their own unique way. You may notice that you are more hopeful, grounded, less anxious, more empowered, have more certainty about your ability to create what you want in your life.

With each repatterning session you are setting in motion positive changes by bringing your energy field to a higher level of coherence, meaning that you will be sending out a more positive, powerful vibration and that is what comes back to you and manifests in your life as positive experiences, people and things. The unfolding of these positive changes may be very subtle or they may be very quick and easily identified.

Play the role of the detached observer and notice how your feelings, perceptions and interactions change. The next time you are faced with a situation that pushes your buttons, stop and take a pause. Say to yourself, “Ah, here is an opportunity for me to change this pattern of thought, feeling and behavior. I have the power to choose a higher response. I do not have to react from the same old pattern.” Reconnect to your loving heart energy and ask yourself, “What is the higher response that I can have here?”

Sometimes after energy work people continue to process as they integrate the shifts. In addition, sometimes the proxy work can bring up something that is best addressed in a private session. If you notice that you are feeling unsettled or overly emotional and this doesn’t subside within a few days of this session, you may need something more from the Resonance Repatterning® process to settle things out for you. Please do not hesitate to call me at 617-469-2930 or email me at et@LizTobin.com

Elizabeth Tobin, JD, C.R.R.P. was the first Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner residing in Massachusetts and has been using this empowering process for personal transformation on herself and others since 1999.

She is a pioneer in using the breakthrough process of proxy groups to facilitate individual and collective healing. Elizabeth has facilitated hundreds of repatternings using proxy groups and the Resonance Repatterning® process.

Ms. Tobin has served as the Chair of the Certification Committee of the Repatterning Practitioner’s Association and currently writes a column for the quarterly RPA Journal. In addition, she is a founding board member of CommonPassion.org and serves on the Wisdom Council of Gaiafield.net.

Elizabeth hosts a monthly Internet show called Proxy Me In! and facilitates private-individual, group and proxy sessions. For more information about her work and a free demonstration visit http://LizTobin.com