Maintaining Conscious Attachment and Connection with our Children and Families

This session for the World Peace Hologram was completed this afternoon. Many thanks to those who made submissions! It helped to guide the session as there were very few callers on the line. It is recorded and notes are posted at

Positive Action for all to do within 24 hours of listening to the session or reading the notes:

AT least once, make a conscious intention to be with family. Send someone in your family a note or give them a call. Send love. Tell someone in your family you miss them. Go have coffee or tea with them.

The Orientation modality to do for entrainment for this session was for me to sing Zippy Doo Daa! It really set the tone and setting for this session which brought us back to when life utero and the birth process. It’s like, let’s get back to Joy, skipping, movement, love…life.

Much love,

Karen Kent