WPH Resonate with Search, Find and Rescue for Mexico

The news of Mexico is very devastating as first responders are working tirelessly to rescue people buried under rubble and buildings.  We can help not only by sending positive intentions but contributing them as part of a group healing.  The bigger the group the bigger the wave we can send.

Join me tonight for WPH repatterning session to Resonate with Search, Find and Rescue for Mexico at 7:30PM Eastern.

3/4 Repatterning for Chile

Repatterning for Chile   4 March 2010

Kathy Halay, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Australia

I include all those who have given permission to be included in this energy field of Repatternings for Chile

Orientation: The Large intestine Meridian “I am forgiven for my anger and rage’

Problems into Opportunities:

“  The poor struggling coastal towns of Chile affected by the Earthquake and tsunami  &inhabited by Chiles poor rural underclass are no receiving  aid.

There is widespread chaos, sickness , hunger & thirst. The quake and the hunger people are feeling are splitting people apart. There is no electricity   telephone service  cell phone networks, water for drinking,  medical aid or food..” ON

Non-coherent feeling associated with the problem.

“ Overwhelm shock fear anger loss.” ON


Why do you feel you have this problem

“ All the relief is flowing to the bigger cities where it matters more for the politicians. ON

Underlying shock

“The experience of the earthquake and the tsunami felt like the  apocalypse.”

Opportunity the problem is offering:

Need to resonate with positive relationship strengths in the community and the government of


“citizenship; being loyal to the group, social responsibility, teamwork, working well as a group or member of a team”


“Fairness; treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice, no letting personal or political  feelings bias decisions about others.”


Belief Repatterning

The limiting belief: “I am half dead”  Umb ON

Which non-coherent social beliefs are imprinted “You’ll never make it.”

Diffusion out of the system

Diffusion  of shock pain and the image of trauma.

The fear of the Mother Nature

The negative feelings of anger and hysteria

The negative mental state of  insecurity

Blame for the ruling authorities

Diffused from the mental body.

Modalities needed for diffusion

Brain Body diffusion, with to the parietal and temporal bones looking down left.

The vitality breathe

The proprioceptive  foot and ankle movements.

The different point of view of seeing the  situation in colour

Residual tension shake out


Identify the life –enhancing belief that will support moving to a higher level of coherence:

“ I am a success”

The coherent societal belief required:

“Every positive effort counts”

Fusion what needs to e fused into the system

Life need of  Trust

The Opportunity of the problem

“Citizenship; being loyal to the group, social responsibility, teamwork, working well as a group or member of a team”


“Fairness; treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice, no letting personal or political  feelings bias decisions about others.”

Positive feeling of “ Dignity”

Fused into the mental body:

Modalities required

Sympathetic nervous system balancing

Essential oil ‘Siberian cedar wood” to Jin shin point 20

Fused with love and forgiveness for Mother Nature

Further Modality Required The open Heart gesture while wearing the red colour filter lenses.

All negative statements have cleared and we are in phase with all co-herent statements.

There is a Positive  action

The Open- Heart Gesture This position represents the ’mudra’ or hand position of unconditional love. Doing the open-heart gesture has an energising and strengthening effect on you as well as anyone present.

Stand or sit with your palms open by your sides.


Inhale and expand your chest and sternum. Exhale and relax your chest and sternum and feel your upper back curving forward, Repeat this expanding and relaxing motion a few times,

Now allow yourself to move in anyway you feel drawn to, while holding the palms open.

Do the open-heart gesture and send compassion to all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Chile

This needs to be done once only in a time of your choosing.

This session is complete.

With love and honour for this opportunity , and gratitude to all those included,

Kathy Halay Certified Resonance Repatterning  Practitioner, Australia

3/2 Session for Chile submitted by Nina Frank

Proxy for Chile. Repatterning done by Nina Frank on 02/03/2010.


Off/On –  We pulse together for trust, understanding, bonding with love and for attaining a higher energy state of coherence and well-being.

Modality:  Accepting our destiny – I am going to change you

                                                         I give up fighting you.


On/Off – We are scared

Off/On (following PA) – We feel secure


On/Off – An earthquake shattered our lives

S.level 11/emotional level, Umb On/Off – We feel victimized

Off/On – Trust

On/Off – Life is terrible

Off/On Cleared a generational belief to 17 generations on the female side 

Off/On (following PA) – 11 on male side


Shock from an earlier experience

Fear of abandonment and responsibility

Feelings of panic and grief

A lack of forgiveness for God

From subtle level 11.

Used QHC no 6

BB tuning fork over the heart chakra

Shake out

Frontal hold.

Mu Point for the large intestine on the left using the colour pink and a geometric pattern for the fire chakra.


Continuous breathing i.e. inhaling and exhaling fully, with no pause in between with eyes open. To be done on 4 alternate days – Wed, Fri, Sun, Tues. ( check in with self for amt. of time: ie. 2 mins.)

 This session is now complete

Session for Chile and Pacific Area 2/27

Resonance Repatterning sesssion facilitated by Kimberly Rex, MS

Earth Element/ Spleen Time

 All statements have cleared.

 *Support for Chile in taking care of the aftermath issues of the earthquake. ON

*Protection of all sentient beings. ON

*Calm and clear response from all sentient beings including waters and structures of the Earth from the core level. UMB ON

 AIR CHAKRA: Heart Chakra

Non-coherent Air Chakra: (We no longer resonate with all of these statements)

  • I am embarrassed when others give me tenderness and softness. OFF
  • I am too possessive of people. OFF
  • Atrophied thymus. OFF
  • I am cut off from people. OFF
  • Disrupted energy in my Air Chakra at the + pole of my lungs and the 0 pole of my colon and right side of body. OFF
  • Trauma to the throat. OFF

Coherent Air Chakra: (We resonate with these statements)

  • I am tenacious. UMB ON
  • I am willing to help others, out of compassion. ON

 MODALITY: Clearing the Field with White from top of head to feet in front with visualization for purifying our body-mind system, and the systems of the Earth. DONE

POSITIVE ACTION: Diaphragm Anxiety Release:1 time within the next 5 days. I will proxy for you. This has been done.

With Love,


Overcoming resonating with discordant energy in disasters on 2/24

Today’s repatterning helped to clear our resonance with mass destruction on people, culture, and the earth. We resonate with the care and resurrection of people from devastation, starvation, and poverty.

We resonate with feeling powerful, going to our depths to share our truth and honest feelings, dealing with crisis and change, welcoming rebirth, and engaging in self-mastery. These are all qualities of the planet Pluto’s frequencies for support in Haiti~on an unconscious level as well!

From the bottom of my heart,


Sanitation for the Long Term in Haiti on 2/21


Sanitation for Long Term Session for Haiti on February 21, 2010

Facilitated by Kimberly Rex, MS

Situation: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/20/world/americas/20haiti.html 

Stomach Official Time: The Stomach Official is about abundance and nourishment. This official supports you in having your needs met and meeting the needs of others in a balanced way. When you are emotionally activated, you get embodied. You might also get exhausted by, or irritated by taking care of others.

INTENTIONS for a NEW POSSIBILITY * All statements have cleared.

  • Sewage system that is safe for all living beings. ON
  • Whole food and water nourishes and supplies every individual. ON
  • The air quality is healthy in Haiti. ON


Conflict Resolution Repatterning

ISSUES *All statements have cleared.

*food safety UMB OFF

*human waste is being dumped on open ground and not processed in healthy and responsible ways OFF


*I feel angry, hopeless and lost. OFF


  • Issues in my feet, back and liver. OFF
  • I am angry, numb, and incensed. OFF
  • I feel nauseous. OFF
  • FALSE HOPE: Emphasizing the underlying needs that hold our relationship together, even if we become more distant. (in regards to long term goals). OFF
  • I avoid conflict altogether, we’ll be able to bypass the stress that interfere with our peace and happiness. UMB OFF
  • NON-COHERENT: Our relationship lacks aliveness and stagnates in regards to seeing the big picture goals and long term consequences due to just taking care of the short term issues. OFF
  • I pull back. OFF
  • CONCEPT of TIME: There’s no one to help me through this situation. OFF
  • NEW POSSIBILITY: My way of seeing this conflict is just one way of looking at it based on my present immediate life needs. ON
  • I am heard by social workers, healthcare officials, and food distributors. ON


*Food needs to be protected from insects. ON

*Human waste needs to be contained in a healthy process that eliminates risk for disease. ON

  • Sharing needs, being heard and received with social workers, healthcare officials and food distributors is received in a loving way and accepted. UMB ON

TRUTH: The risk of health concerns is real for all. ON

*Safety, health, municipal working, sewage system, safe food, protection, processed human waste to detoxify and eliminate the risk of health concerns for all. UMB ON

  • We express our feelings and ideas, and work through our difficulties creatively. UMB ON


  • I take a pause to get in touch with what I need and then I express my need. ON
  • I get in touch with my feelings and have the courage to express them. ON


Modality: Five Element Movement with Sound: Wood Element checked in working with “SSS” sound 2 sets with 3 Harmonizing Breaths. DONE

POSITIVE ACTION: (to anchor the work of this session)

Qi Gong Bounce and Hold for 3 days, 1x daily for 3 minutes.

This activates energy and can be done whenever you feel tired or low in energy. The holding position also builds vital force.


  • Stand with your feet at hip width. Only your knees bounce. The rest of your body relaxes in response to your bouncing knees. If you relax your chin as you bounce you will hear your teeth clicking together, which stimulates your brain. Relax your arms so you can feel your wrists, elbows and shoulders bouncing. Relax your chest and belly. Let everything bounce.
  • After bouncing for a minute, bring your palms in front of your belly area, 6-12 inches away. Keep your knees bent and your toes pointing forward. Breathe rhythmically. Relax into stillness.

With Love,


Kimberly Rex, MS  Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Haiti: Thirty Days Later submitted by Alicia Balderrama

February 12, 2010 Thirty Days Later

    It is tradition of the Catholic faith to celebrate mass in the remembrance of the dead after one month has passed. Today throughout Haiti, at 7 am, in what is left standing of the parishes of Port au Prince, this mass will be celebrated for the estimated 200,000 dead. In addition, President Preval has declared today to be a day of national fast, and the beginning of three days of national mourning.

   We are participating in this act of solidarity by offering mass at 7 am at Titayin, together with Bishop Dumas, at the burial place of the indigent dead. We ourselves have buried about 2,500 people there in the last 30 days. After weeks of frenetic activity, we are returning to a state of equilibrium. Our hospital had become a trauma MASH unit, as had all other medical centers in Port au Prince that are still standing. We were able to offer about 30 surgeries a day at four sites (two in our hospital, one on our hospital grounds in a tent, and one at the St. Camillus Hospital, which we staffed for the emergency.) Many of these, sadly, were amputations – sometimes two for the same adult or child. To give an idea of the size of the problem, it is likely there are about 20,000 people now who have been amputated or who have orthopedic hardware screwed through their skin to the bone. Port au Prince estimates about 20 Haitian orthopedic surgeons, and visiting teams to Haiti will soon leave. All 20,000 need to be followed closely for removal of hardware, control of infection, reevaluation of the amputation, and of course for artificial limbs and rehabilitation. We have worked closely with the St. Camillus Hospital so as to return our St. Damien Hospital to a pediatric center and to have a growing center for adults at St. Camillus. In collaboration with the Papal Nuncio, the president of the Haitian bishops conference, the local CARITAS office and the Italian Protezione Civile, we are setting up seven positions in the provinces, (especially since about 30% of the population has abandoned the capital) to be able to allow access of these people to a medical system. We can do our best to follow a certain number from these sites, return them to Port au Prince for needed attention by helicopter or land, and use the points as well for large distributions of food and educational materials for schools. We hope to continue to partner with St. Camillus and the Haitian bishops to strengthen a similar response in Port au Prince. At Francisville, we are making a center for production of artificial limbs. Gena Hergaty hosted a meeting two days ago of 30 non-governmental organizations at our St. Germaine program, to determine the best collaboration for all those eager to invest in rehabilitation and physical therapy. On the home front, Erin Kloos has made an exception recovery after being dug out of our crumbled Fr. Wasson Center. The funeral of her brother Ryan will be later this month in Phoenix. Fr. Craig Hightower celebrated the funeral of Molly Hightower, concelebrated by Fr. Phil Cleary. I hope I can arrange to leave Haiti for a few weeks to see my father, and to visit both families for mass in their homes. We offered mass last Saturday for Molly and Ryan on top of the rubble of the Fr. Wasson Center on an altar made of fallen block, using chant and incense to honor Molly and Ryan and all who died in the earthquake, and to show our faith and hope, and determination to rebuild and continue our life giving mission. The Fr. Wasson Center is being cleared by heavy government equipment, and we will rebuild a central administration center on the site, with metal instead of cement framework, which are fast becoming popular here. We will also make an artistic monument to stand prominently on the corner, by a famous Haitian artist, dedicating the new center to Ryan and Molly and honoring all the victims of the earthquake.

    In Tabarre our three areas of destruction were the perimeter walls, the tower, and the chapel. The Italian Protezzione Civile is clearing the debris, reinforcing the tower, rebuilding the chapel and rebuilding the walls. Additional internal, non-structural damage to the hospital is being repaired by the Italian companies that made the initial installations (especially the central oxygen supply). The new maternity and neonatal program, born of necessity during the traumatic days following the quake, is following a good and logical course, and the rest of the hospital is returning to normal. The surgical capacity will still be challenged as we tend to many postoperative children and new traumas. The cancer center got quite a boost, thanks to Sister Judy, as it is now a partner with the Danny Thomas Children’s Cancer Hospital in the USA. This will bring quite a help for development, diagnostic, training, material and medicines. The St. Helene orphanage in Kenscoff was largely spared, but we were glad to see so much charitable activity on the part of the children, coming to the hospital to visit injured children and distributing food and supplies in the tent cities. The Family Services team has been very attentive to vulnerable children in the tent cities and has elaborated a good plan for continued involvement. Future reports will be given on all these points I mention in this summary by the people involved. We are still gathering the names of those who have died or disappeared in the rubble. We hope soon that Daniela, our temporary home correspondent, will be able to make a memorial page on the NPH website. We are very much struck with sorrow by the deaths of our colleagues or deaths in their families. The St. Luke program has been valiant and tireless, and we suffered the loss of some staff and directors. We also suffered the loss of one third of our 18 street schools. We will resume school in tents, as soon as we have enough, and thanks to Artists for Peace and Justice, we are studying all aspects of rebuilding. Everywhere around us there are huge problems. There are wounded, homeless and hungry among our 800 employees (all programs combined, including St. Luke). This is made more dreadful by the advance of the rainy season. We had our first rain yesterday. In a separate letter over the next few days, I will outline the investment we hope to make in addressing these three social problems and the rebuilding and advance of our own programs. For today, please join us in mourning. Join us in prayers for the dead, for the living, for the future. Thank you and God bless you. Fr. Rick Frechette

Post Traumatic Shock: 24 Hour Time-Cycle Repatterning for Haiti 1/31

24 Hour Time-Cycle Repatterning on January 31, 2010

Facilitated by Kimberly Rex, MS Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Proxied for Fire Element: Heart Protector Time

Proxied all participants at World Peace Hologram who placed name on Haiti List

All of the statements in this repatterning have cleared. This means that there is greater support for optimal energy flow and healing from imprints of the traumatic events caused by the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010. This repatterning works with orientation and movement towards life to restore the energy of the people and homeland of Haiti.


Thousands of children have been separated from their parents or orphaned. UMB OFF

Homelessness OFF

Dis-ease OFF

Issues with US government intervention OFF

Brain Wave needed: Alpha (8-12 cps) in area of Pons ON (involved in motor control, processing of information from the ears, sensory analysis, consciousness, sleep, and respiratory function)

Harmonious Tone of F needed at 349.23 cps UMB ON

Correlation for F: I see what needs to be done and commit myself to action. ON

24 Hour-Time Cycle Repatterning

High Energy Time: Large Intestine 5-7 am /Low Energy Time: Kidney (5-7PM)

History of Earthquakes in Haiti: http://www.bgs.ac.uk/research/highlights/haitiEarthquakeJan2010.htmlHaiti Earthquake took place on January 12, 2010 at 4:53 pm (the transition place from Bladder into Kidney time)

Ko Relationship: Metal (Lg. Intestine) feeds Water (Kidney) Yin-Yang Correlation: Lg. Intestine: Yang/ Kidney: Yin

Interpretation: Lg. Intestine is associated with the function of the Reptilian Brain as it searches for any situation which vaguely represents a previous experience. (Post Traumatic Shock Disorder) http://www.emedicinehealth.com/posttraumatic_stress_disorder_ptsd/article_em.htm

Highly charged feelings and image imprints create repetitive experience. Where there is lack of resolution with the past, life feels toxic, affects breath, and continues fight, flight or freeze stress response. When Lg. Intestine becomes coherent, there can be greater connection to that which supports life in the moment and this allows full flow of life energy through the generations into the present to allow letting go of the imprint, stress and automatic response. Non-coherent Kidney is expressed through fear, overwhelm and feeling of dis-empowerment. The ability to bounce back, have resources, or resiliance is compromised. Exhaustion, tiredness, and inappropriate use of power gets played out without ability to sustain, persevere and complete actions that would support vital energy focus. Coherent Kidney speaks to the ability of conserving energy in the face of caring for and handling others’ issues. Mental clarity, fluidity and resourcefulness, without dissipation of reserves becomes possible.

Kidney Statements:

I respect and direct the flow of my energy and speech. ON

I am mentally frozen. OFF

I have stamina. ON

Paralysis. UMB OFF

Planetary Frequency Support from Jupiter: I see the big picture. ON

I am narrow-minded. UMB OFF

Modality: Overtone Chanting with Horary Pt. for Large Intestine on rt. side/physical level (Om Tuning Fork on diagram as proxy) DONE (This pt. helps to let go of negative thoughts, open to honesty, truth, inspiration, and divine re-connection to be able to see the light beyond the darkness).

Positive Action: Dance is energy or life in motion. Dancing keeps the life energy moving freely in the channels and builds the magnetic field of attraction. HOW: Move every area of your body in any way you are drawn in the next 48 hours for 3 minutes. Open your arms and keep your eyes open with soft focus to take in the big picture.

With Love and Gratitude,

Kimberly Rex, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner at http://www.windowstotheheart.net

Grounding in the Earth Chakra for Haiti 1/20

I was completely moved when doing this repatterning and pray that these repatternings fill the hologram with love and support for all.

Only the people who could actually express themselves get saved.

Those in Haiti are experiencing an overwhelm of manifestation of Lack.

Modality: Alignment with Life. In this visualization, as  proxy for the group, I saw the dead give us life to

To continue and go forward. We are to connect with our light.


Haitians stay conscious and support each other.

  • Haitians peacefully count on us; aid arrives as fast as possible
  • Distribution happens quickly and effectively
  • we win the race against time and supplies arrive in time to save lives
  • Distribution now flows as fast as aid supplies arrive.

Everyone is accounted for – everyone.

The world commits to supporting Haiti’s restoration by forgiving its international debts.

The Chakra Life Cycle Repatterning

Images and thoughts of Haitian bodies burning in the streets — set on fire by those afraid of disease.


I move into new beginnings with inner strength.


I am afraid.

Ether being inappropriately activated:

I move into new beginnings before I have taken a pause and allowed for closure.

What will allow me to move through each phase of the life cycle in a harmonious way and with right timing in relation to the problem?

Earth: I let go of my anger, rage, fear about Mother Earth and how ‘she’ did this to me/us. I let go of feeling disconnected to the earth. I let go of feeling like a victim.

I appreciate and view that this disaster is about timing. It is something bigger than me, bigger than all of us. I don’t know the meaning of it all but I yield to the possibility that many many people all over the world will learn from this experience. I celebrate a completion that allows all people involved to move into new beginnings at a higher level of coherence and awareness.


Tone the note of C which is related to the Earth chakra. C also is correlated with this statement: ‘I am responsible, full of hope and choose to create positive change’.  The color of the Earth chakra is Red. It is the Fire of Life, for passion, courage, vitality, the will to live, and grounding in Mother Earth and link to the material world.

For this modality, I had to sound out ‘ee’ to the note of C and have my eyes look right which is looking to the future.

Once this was done, all statements cleared so we resonate with the positive intentions and do not resonate with the issues as stated.

Haiti Natural Disaster Repatterning 1/18/10

Haiti Natural Disaster Repatterning

Facilitated by Kathie Joblin

Monday, January 18, 2010
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST

I now proxy in to this session all individuals who have indicated by signing up at the special website that they desire to be included in this repatterning session.

Identify the Problem: 

  1. 1.     We are afraid that we are forgotten and we are counting on you.      OFF    
  2. 2.     The process of removing dead bodies is taking a very long time.      OFF    
  3. 3.     Bodies are burning in the streets — set on fire by those afraid of disease.     OFF

Negative or Non-Coherent Feeling: Panic, fear, despair, hopelessness, disorientation.             OFF

An area of stress:  We have depression issues.  OFF

Shock effect: We are in shock from seeing the images of the devastation in Haiti; we are in shock at the magnitude of the disaster and the number of lives lost. OFF

The underlying opportunity:  Support is ongoing from around the world; the world supports the restoration of Haiti by forgiving its international debts.           ON

Empowerment in daily living intention:  We reduce the possibilities for irritation and impatience in this difficult situation by being in communication with each other and authentically speaking our truth.  ON

Acceptance is needed: We accept the consequences of manifesting our intention for authentic communication and move into action with integrity.  ON

Fire Element Repatterning:  the Fire Element is associated with human connectedness and bonding whether social or intimate – the fiery quality of relationship is one of unconditional love, warmth, joy and laughter. In the present situation, we have bonding stress with missing loved ones, and bonding challenges with helpers arriving from other parts of the world.

Identify bonding stress:  I attract partners who are depending on me to make them happy.   OFF

Lack of resonance with coherent bonding: We explore new ways of bringing warmth and fun into our relationship that are mutually satisfying to both of us.           ON 

(I understand this statement to refer to a particular relationship that is a hologram for all relationships)

Underlying cause of bonding non-coherence:  My mother doesn’t express her love with words and touch.       OFF

Unmet life need from an earlier time in life:  Security  ON

This is a generational pattern that is now cleared back 17 generations on both sides of my family.

Unmet spirit level need from an earlier time in life:  Radiance  ON

This is a generational pattern that is now cleared back 22 generations on both sides of my family.

A new perception in the present that supports bonding with ease and joy:  I trust that my loving, intimate relationship will last.  ON

Acupuncture points needed to bring Fire Element into balance:  #18’s on the Triple Heater Meridian known as “Feeding Meridians” points using massage with essential oil of Lavender and the affirmation:  “I create a climate conducive to positive communication.”

All statements have cleared and are as indicated above. 

We are ON for the positive and life affirming and OFF for the negative.

This session is now complete at 5:00 p.m.

I am complete with being a proxy for all participants.


 in love and gratitude