Liberation from our addictions

I will begin to offer a monthly group event on this topic. The first one will be on April 16th. The events will be on the new moon each month. I look forward to welcoming you.

Please add your visions, intentions and what you wish to transform to the form below. Please be as specific as possible. This is confidential.

“An addiction is any behaviour that a person finds pleasure or relief in and craves, but suffers negative consequences and can’t give up.” – Gabor Maté

  • It could be to a substance, a person or an activity. It might be alcohol, painkillers, nicotine, caffeine, work, internet, shopping, gambling, comfort eating, computer games, sex or unhealthy relationship dynamics.
  • We are loveable and welcome as we are.
  • All addictions are a way to distract or numb ourselves from the pain of not having our essential needs met.

With Resonance Repatterning we are supported to transform this pain and come into resonance with having these developmental life needs met in healthy ways.

  • We can’t change what happened in the past but we can change how it affects us now and how we respond.
  • We can bring healthy functioning to the brain areas and neurotransmitters involved.
  • We can transform fear and criticism into self love and encouragement.
  • We can transform separation into deep awareness of our interconnection and unique part to play.
  • We can transform needing approval or validation from others into self acceptance.
  • We can transform a focus on lack into gratitude; into knowing we are, do and have enough.

Resonance Repatterning is a simple and effective way to make the changes we want to see in the world, by changing our own unconscious patterns.

When we are critical of something outside us it usually means that pattern within us has been activated. We have the power to change these patterns and this has a ripple effect on the outer world. This is inner and outer activism on the deepest level.

We can choose to create a world together which is so beautiful we no longer want to escape from it.

“The more you grieve, the more it will push you into your love, and your love will push you into your creative passion on behalf of life. So I would say to anybody—if you want to find your passion, then let yourself feel the truth of what’s happening. And your grief will take you there. And it will be short-lived, because life will only give you as much grief as you can handle in that moment. But if you can cry intensely, creativity will be what stops you crying—you’ll start having ideas. Life will break through.” -Clare Dubois (founder of TreeSisters)


If you want to go deeper, I also offer ongoing groups and 1:1s on zoom. Here are the details:



[Transcript] 12.10.15 – Growing through Grief: Stage 4 – Depression

Repatterning for the 4th Stage: Depression

I apologize for the delay in getting to the 4th stage of the growing through grief series. Originally this stage was planned for November, but it seems that we needed some extra time processing the “bargaining” stage as life and world events pushed this next stage out to December. I thank all of you who have continued to follow this series and who submitted responses. I have tried to honor them the best I could while capturing some of the “collective” heart of what was created together when I put all of your thoughts together.

Below is the summary of the session that I conducted on December 10th. Those who indicated they wished to be proxied in were. I did the session slightly different than the previous sessions and actually used the life cycle repatterning from the chakras book (rather than problems into opportunities) selected by muscle checking.

All positive statements were originally “off” on resonance and negative statements were “on” and all shifted after the modality.

Session Summary:

I used our collectively brainstormed answers for our “problem statements”:

A specific way I see how depression relates to global peace is:
There is a conflict between a strong healthy impulse to be of service and a feeling of futility, apathy, helplessness, passivity, frustration, no way out, who cares, I just don’t want to look at it and defeat.
People become stuck and cannot act to realize global peace and stop environmental destruction. People loose hope and lack discernment. They cling to the past, outdated beliefs and harmful habits and addictions
Judgment and avoidance of depression actually causes our society to be overly focused on abundance and privilege or to try to escape with addictive behaviors. We do not know how to hold the density of emotion that arises when we look clearly at the world situation
People burn out because they take on too much and then they can’t take on anything
A specific way I see depression disturbing my personal peace is:
There is deep regret about all the years lost and opportunities missed while still living from the impact of all the early life trauma, resulting patterns of addiction.
Whatever I do this feeling of sadness, apathy, hopelessness, powerlesseness is still present – a low grade feeling, that is always there. If I try to ignore my depression or fight my depression, it just grows bigger.
I have a low self-esteem and a negative view of life – I do not believe that the good of God exists in my life. I pine for the relationships, people, opportunities that I have lost over the years or regret the tragic situations that happened
My cognitive function is decreased and I make mistakes and poor decisions. My life is not life-giving and incoherent. I feel trapped in cycles of suffering.
I do not feel gratitude for my life or for others

A specific area of life relating to life cycle issues was identified: cycle issues: a time of transition

I wrote the following statement which was “on” for resonance (and then shifted)

“We are in a time of transition on this planet and each one of us feels this in a very personal and collective way. We have inherited generations of trauma and systems of dysfunction, some of which make it difficult to do good self-care resulting in poor coping mechanisms and cognitive capacity. We become depressed and feel powerless, falsely clinging to comforts that result in perpetuating the problems or lead to addiction and isolation. “

I identified the chakra being avoided: air/heart (ideas and inspiration)

Statement related to this: “It is impossible to achieve the ideal, so I give up”

I identified the chakra being prematurely activated – Ether, throat (beginnings)

Statement related to this: “I keep moving into new beginnings as a way to avoid long-term commitment”

I identified the associate vertebrae – Cervical 4

Statement related to this: “I suppress my tears”
*Note: I feel this really speaks to our need to grieve and really feel our sadness rather than suppress or deny it.

We needed to identify an earlier experience underlying our problems
Because I was doing this on behalf of the collective, I clarified that what was needed was a specific time in human history.

I had just written a letter to a spiritual friend about the spiritual and social issues related to te time period when we as humans entered into land cultivation, so I checked to see if this was the period needed and it was. So I wrote the following statement:

“As humans begin to gain control over earth’s fertility through agricultural practices, they change their relationship to the earth into one of resource and control rather than respecting and honoring the abundance with gratitude and the humility of our reliance on the gifts and challenges of nature. Our societies become structured around how much we can control to create our own personal abundance through extractive and polluting practices and war and competition. We become increasingly isolated from each other in the social dysfunction that is created.”

I identified the underlying need:

Under the category of “the need for security, nurturance and love”

The statement needed was: “I am protected”

I next identified the chakra needed to reestablish the flow: Air heart and we needed to identify our aim or intention, which was answered with our collective answers below:

How would you like this depression to be transformed? How would this look in the world and in your life?
I feel held, welcomed and loved and can cleanly grieve the past and celebrate with gratitude the greater freedom, clarity, ease and joy I now experience. I have more energy freed up to go into coherent action now so my old story is transformed into art, creativity and the empowerment to respond with love at all times.
All of humanity have a truly fulfilling life where fairness, opportunities, peace, possibility are equal to all and all have a sense of joy and love
We can authentically hold the reality of our world and our personal situations, but through courage and integrity and faith are still motivated to redouble our efforts to create lasting peace and a healthy environment. People become discerning and are galvanized into positive and immediate action.
People believe in themselves and each other, recognizing our creative power together and acting from our innate abilities to create change that results in successful peace.
We find joy and gratitude in the gift of life
We take time to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits with recharging down time like walks in the outdoors or warm baths, we take in good food, fresh air, nature, do exercise and build community all of which supports our cognitive functions so we can take right action in our lives.
I feel into what it means to be held, even in the darkness, and the knowing that creation is present in every moment gives me a sense of hope, acceptance, and gratitude

I identified the coherent air quality needed: “Ideas flow easily”

I added our “positive action statements” to round out the session:

What is one action you personally can take to make one step towards creating what you envision for the world?
I Stay free of addictive substances
I learn to make peace with my problems and maneuver different vibrations in and around me so I can respond with authenticity and appropriate action to what ever arises
I learn more about Resonance Repatterning.
I participate in joy-filled activities that connect me to others
I provide a safe place for people to learn to be with their personal darkness and their sense of the darkness around them, but also start to see that the root of their pain is actually their deep love.
I slow down and allow myself to observe the rhythms of life around me, appreciating creation and knowing that I am part of a complex web that works diligently towards self-regulation.
I speak out against our obsession with abundance and privilege and advocate for authentic appreciation and connection

Our spiral up tool was the “Purifying breath”

Again, all statements shifted!

Thank you all for your participation and I look forward to the final installment in January where we move fully into acceptance for our grief over world!