3/14 Session Notes for Living on the Line: Haiti, Chile, Uganda, Turkey


Living on the Line: Haiti, Chile, Uganda and Turkey

 Research Articles: http://www.aolnews.com/story/not-more-quakes-just-more-people-in/940768; http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/content/view/30814/; http://www.internationalreportingproject.org/stories/detail/722/

Facilitated by Kimberly Rex, MS Certified Resonance Repatterning practitioner

I proxy in all participants who listed for these sessions at World Peace Hologram, and anyone who wishes to take part through their consent.

 Bladder Official Time works with the container of energy, power, knowledge and drive. Bladder helps to set boundaries with people in a loving way, and helps you to make good use of your energy for perseverance without getting exhausted or giving up.

Issue: *130 cities worldwide with more than 1 million people are living on fault lines. OFF

We no longer resonate with this statement which means our conscious awareness has expanded .

 Intentions for New Possibilities: We now resonate with the life energy for these statements.

  • Building houses that are quake-proof and protection of food sources. UMB ON
  • We take responsibility for what we build in our lives. We plan ahead based on our experiences , think about the long term effects on our lives, and how we will be nurtured and helped by our choices and decisions today. UMB ON

 Liver Meridian Repatterning: When liver meridian is non-coherent, your life energy is dedicated to anger, frustration and blaming others for situations, feelings, etc. which constrains your ability to take action to find a solution. When Heart Protector is wounded (safety and trust), this affects liver. Coherent Wood Element helps to create optimism, hope, setting goals, taking action and creating new beginnings and direction. This repatterning has created more coherent life energy for positive movement with clarity, vision and foresight.

 Issues of Anger: Short term fixes don’t save lives. Homelessness should not equal sacrifice of lives. Crowded cities do not equal prosperity. Lack of foresight. Lack of food equals famine. OFF

Issues of Constraint: Constraint limits clarity and nurturing for the Highest and Best Good of all. OFF

 Earlier Experience in relationship to ethnic/continent abuse through neglect. This can be relevant to personal sense of neglect due to ethnic or cultural group. OFF  Negative Feeling: I feel angry and frustrated. OFF Negative Belief: Life is difficult. There is no communication of the parts to the whole to effect positive change. OFF

Vision of Life: Safety, Trust, Hope, Wisdom, Security, Sanctity of Life UMB ON Actions to Take for Vision: Respect and response that comes from a spiritual realization that all is connected through our presence on the planet as we live here at the same time. There is wisdom to be gained from geological reports, climate sector experts and the United Nations. UMB ON

 Modality: Liver Meridian: Supreme Rushing/Earth Point/Source Pt. Delivered on rt. side/Physical Level DONE with red color filter torch (red tonifies the liver)

All statements have cleared. I have completed proxy for this session.

 With Warm Regards and Loving Respect,


Kimberly Rex, MS

REPORT: Coherent Love and Support for Chile and Uganda faciliated by Elizabeth Tobin

This Resonance Repatterning® proxy session was facilitated by Elizabeth Tobin for the World Peace Hologram sessions to support Chile and Uganda. Resonance Repatterning® works beyond time and space. So, you can, with your intention, take part in this proxy session now, even after the fact. If you would like to be included in this session now, all you have to do is set your intention to receive its benefits and then read this Activated Report. If you’re like most people you’ll feel lighter, more relaxed and grounded just by reading this session report.

Resonance Repatterning® Proxy Group Session (Long Distance / Remote Healing)

Facilitated by Elizabeth Tobin, JD, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

March 12, 2010

The statements with ON in front of them represent the positive frequencies that have been switched ON for you. The statements with OFF in front of them represent the negative patterns that have been switched OFF for you.  I set a retroactive intention to include everyone who wishes to be included in this session, regardless of when they register for the session or when they read this report.

Resonance Repatterning® works beyond time and space. So, you can, with your intention, take part in this proxy session now, even after the fact.  The proxy process works on the basis of permission and intent.  At the time that I facilitated this session I set the intention to include everyone who wants to participate.  Time is not linear so it doesn’t matter where on the space-time-continuum my intent and your permission intersect. You see, when working with energy, time and distance are not factors so you can give your permission by setting your intention to be included in this proxy session right now, even though it’s after I facilitated this session. Lynn McTaggert, author of the Intention Experiment, calls this retroactive intention.

If you would like to be included in this session now all you have to do is set your intention to receive the benefits of the shifts and then read this Activated Report.

And remember, the more people who activate these shifts, the greater the amplitude to support your individual and our collective frequency shifts. With each person added to the group, the force expands exponentially, so the bigger the group, the greater the power. You can help to create a powerful field of attraction to anchor in these new patterns to help the people of Chile and Uganda  and all of humanity by letting everyone know about this session whom you feel might like to participate.


Set your intention to participate in this repatterning and receive the benefits of the frequency shifts.

Now think about what you would like to bring to the situation in Chile and Uganda and any other place where there is suffering. Think about what you would like to bring into your life personally, and what you would like to release. Then as you read through this report, notice the connections between your intention and what the report has to say. Take a pause after each section. Allow your insights and new perceptions to come to the surface. Notice how your body feels. Notice your emotions. Notice how each statement relates to the others.  If you’re like most people you will feel lighter, more relaxed, and centered after you read this Activated Report.

Take a pause now.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Notice how you feel.

Continue reading the report. Then let me know what happens!


A. What Do You Want in Your Relationships?
UMB ON My relationships are based in unconditional love. I have healthy, interdependent relationships that support myself and others.

B. What Is Difficult for You to Handle in Relationships?
OFF I have difficulty seeing others suffer. I want to help so I do anything I can to make myself feel useful, even if it is not in the others’ best interest.

C. The Basic Intentions for Harmonious Relationships:
UMB ON I enjoy seeing you with new eyes, free of expectation.

ON I am committed to a male/female energy partner (use the appropriate gender for you) whose essential values are compatible with mine.

ON I recognize that sexual pleasure stimulates oxytocin which bonds me to the individual, whether we are compatible or not.


A.  The Overly Assertive Compensation Needing to Be Switched OFF:  Crisis-Making
UMB OFF I enjoy a crisis because life feels exciting and I experience an adrenalin rush.

B. The Coherent Aspect for the Collapse Compensation of Denial:
ON I feel my pain and I also feel joy, enthusiasm and love, as well.

C. The Coherent Aspect for the Overly Assertive Compensation of Rebellion:
UMB ON I do those things whereby everyone benefits.

A.  The Realization Coherence Needed:

a. Earth Element Qualities:
ON I walk my talk.
OFF I can’t assimilate knowledge.

b. Water Element Qualities:
ON I bring depth, meaning and relevance to others.

c. Wood Element Qualities:
UMB ON I focus on what is mine to do, free of distractions.
UMB OFF My timing is off track.

d. Metal Element Qualities:
UMB OFF I pass on my knowledge in an intellectual way, ignoring that the primary need is for a loving relationship.

4. MODALITIES TO TRANSFORM RESONANCE (These have been done for you during the session; you do not need to do these.)

1. Modality for the Perpetrator to Take Responsibility
2. Laughing Breath

This session is complete.

Take a few minutes and sit quietly and breathe.  As you breathe in and out, relax your body and allow these shifts to settle into your whole being, from the cellular and DNA levels up to the spirit level. You don’t need to do anything, just rest, breathe and be.

You may be feeling more energized right now. Or you may feel tired. Either feeling is normal. Take the time right now to give your body what it needs, whether it’s rest or movement.

In addition, it’s always good to drink water after a session to cleanse your system and keep the energy moving.

Some people feel the shifts very profoundly and for others, including myself, the shifts are more subtle and they accumulate over time. They may unfold so gently and naturally that you may not even notice the positive changes.

Journaling is a great way to gain insight and track your progress. In addition you may get “messages” from your dreams or continue to heal these patterns while you sleep.

Notice how you are feeling over the next few days, how you are relating to people and how people are relating to you. You may notice that situations which usually push your buttons don’t have that same effect anymore. You may notice yourself coming to some important insights about yourself, your life and your relationships. Watch for those little signs along the way that signify that you are making positive change. Notice the synchronicities and flow with them.

Each person experiences the sessions in their own unique way. You may notice that you are more hopeful, grounded, less anxious, more empowered, have more certainty about your ability to create what you want in your life.

With each repatterning session you are setting in motion positive changes by bringing your energy field to a higher level of coherence, meaning that you will be sending out a more positive, powerful vibration and that is what comes back to you and manifests in your life as positive experiences, people and things. The unfolding of these positive changes may be very subtle or they may be very quick and easily identified.

Play the role of the detached observer and notice how your feelings, perceptions and interactions change. The next time you are faced with a situation that pushes your buttons, stop and take a pause. Say to yourself, “Ah, here is an opportunity for me to change this pattern of thought, feeling and behavior. I have the power to choose a higher response. I do not have to react from the same old pattern.” Reconnect to your loving heart energy and ask yourself, “What is the higher response that I can have here?”

Sometimes after energy work people continue to process as they integrate the shifts. In addition, sometimes the proxy work can bring up something that is best addressed in a private session. If you notice that you are feeling unsettled or overly emotional and this doesn’t subside within a few days of this session, you may need something more from the Resonance Repatterning® process to settle things out for you. Please do not hesitate to call me at 617-469-2930 or email me at et@LizTobin.com

Elizabeth Tobin, JD, C.R.R.P. was the first Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner residing in Massachusetts and has been using this empowering process for personal transformation on herself and others since 1999.

She is a pioneer in using the breakthrough process of proxy groups to facilitate individual and collective healing. Elizabeth has facilitated hundreds of repatternings using proxy groups and the Resonance Repatterning® process.

Ms. Tobin has served as the Chair of the Certification Committee of the Repatterning Practitioner’s Association and currently writes a column for the quarterly RPA Journal. In addition, she is a founding board member of CommonPassion.org and serves on the Wisdom Council of Gaiafield.net.

Elizabeth hosts a monthly Internet show called Proxy Me In! and facilitates private-individual, group and proxy sessions. For more information about her work and a free demonstration visit http://LizTobin.com

3/4 Repatterning for Chile

Repatterning for Chile   4 March 2010

Kathy Halay, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Australia

I include all those who have given permission to be included in this energy field of Repatternings for Chile

Orientation: The Large intestine Meridian “I am forgiven for my anger and rage’

Problems into Opportunities:

“  The poor struggling coastal towns of Chile affected by the Earthquake and tsunami  &inhabited by Chiles poor rural underclass are no receiving  aid.

There is widespread chaos, sickness , hunger & thirst. The quake and the hunger people are feeling are splitting people apart. There is no electricity   telephone service  cell phone networks, water for drinking,  medical aid or food..” ON

Non-coherent feeling associated with the problem.

“ Overwhelm shock fear anger loss.” ON


Why do you feel you have this problem

“ All the relief is flowing to the bigger cities where it matters more for the politicians. ON

Underlying shock

“The experience of the earthquake and the tsunami felt like the  apocalypse.”

Opportunity the problem is offering:

Need to resonate with positive relationship strengths in the community and the government of


“citizenship; being loyal to the group, social responsibility, teamwork, working well as a group or member of a team”


“Fairness; treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice, no letting personal or political  feelings bias decisions about others.”


Belief Repatterning

The limiting belief: “I am half dead”  Umb ON

Which non-coherent social beliefs are imprinted “You’ll never make it.”

Diffusion out of the system

Diffusion  of shock pain and the image of trauma.

The fear of the Mother Nature

The negative feelings of anger and hysteria

The negative mental state of  insecurity

Blame for the ruling authorities

Diffused from the mental body.

Modalities needed for diffusion

Brain Body diffusion, with to the parietal and temporal bones looking down left.

The vitality breathe

The proprioceptive  foot and ankle movements.

The different point of view of seeing the  situation in colour

Residual tension shake out


Identify the life –enhancing belief that will support moving to a higher level of coherence:

“ I am a success”

The coherent societal belief required:

“Every positive effort counts”

Fusion what needs to e fused into the system

Life need of  Trust

The Opportunity of the problem

“Citizenship; being loyal to the group, social responsibility, teamwork, working well as a group or member of a team”


“Fairness; treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice, no letting personal or political  feelings bias decisions about others.”

Positive feeling of “ Dignity”

Fused into the mental body:

Modalities required

Sympathetic nervous system balancing

Essential oil ‘Siberian cedar wood” to Jin shin point 20

Fused with love and forgiveness for Mother Nature

Further Modality Required The open Heart gesture while wearing the red colour filter lenses.

All negative statements have cleared and we are in phase with all co-herent statements.

There is a Positive  action

The Open- Heart Gesture This position represents the ’mudra’ or hand position of unconditional love. Doing the open-heart gesture has an energising and strengthening effect on you as well as anyone present.

Stand or sit with your palms open by your sides.


Inhale and expand your chest and sternum. Exhale and relax your chest and sternum and feel your upper back curving forward, Repeat this expanding and relaxing motion a few times,

Now allow yourself to move in anyway you feel drawn to, while holding the palms open.

Do the open-heart gesture and send compassion to all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Chile

This needs to be done once only in a time of your choosing.

This session is complete.

With love and honour for this opportunity , and gratitude to all those included,

Kathy Halay Certified Resonance Repatterning  Practitioner, Australia

3/2 Session for Chile submitted by Nina Frank

Proxy for Chile. Repatterning done by Nina Frank on 02/03/2010.


Off/On –  We pulse together for trust, understanding, bonding with love and for attaining a higher energy state of coherence and well-being.

Modality:  Accepting our destiny – I am going to change you

                                                         I give up fighting you.


On/Off – We are scared

Off/On (following PA) – We feel secure


On/Off – An earthquake shattered our lives

S.level 11/emotional level, Umb On/Off – We feel victimized

Off/On – Trust

On/Off – Life is terrible

Off/On Cleared a generational belief to 17 generations on the female side 

Off/On (following PA) – 11 on male side


Shock from an earlier experience

Fear of abandonment and responsibility

Feelings of panic and grief

A lack of forgiveness for God

From subtle level 11.

Used QHC no 6

BB tuning fork over the heart chakra

Shake out

Frontal hold.

Mu Point for the large intestine on the left using the colour pink and a geometric pattern for the fire chakra.


Continuous breathing i.e. inhaling and exhaling fully, with no pause in between with eyes open. To be done on 4 alternate days – Wed, Fri, Sun, Tues. ( check in with self for amt. of time: ie. 2 mins.)

 This session is now complete

Session for Chile and Pacific Area 2/27

Resonance Repatterning sesssion facilitated by Kimberly Rex, MS

Earth Element/ Spleen Time

 All statements have cleared.

 *Support for Chile in taking care of the aftermath issues of the earthquake. ON

*Protection of all sentient beings. ON

*Calm and clear response from all sentient beings including waters and structures of the Earth from the core level. UMB ON

 AIR CHAKRA: Heart Chakra

Non-coherent Air Chakra: (We no longer resonate with all of these statements)

  • I am embarrassed when others give me tenderness and softness. OFF
  • I am too possessive of people. OFF
  • Atrophied thymus. OFF
  • I am cut off from people. OFF
  • Disrupted energy in my Air Chakra at the + pole of my lungs and the 0 pole of my colon and right side of body. OFF
  • Trauma to the throat. OFF

Coherent Air Chakra: (We resonate with these statements)

  • I am tenacious. UMB ON
  • I am willing to help others, out of compassion. ON

 MODALITY: Clearing the Field with White from top of head to feet in front with visualization for purifying our body-mind system, and the systems of the Earth. DONE

POSITIVE ACTION: Diaphragm Anxiety Release:1 time within the next 5 days. I will proxy for you. This has been done.

With Love,