Children’s Rights to secure nurturing relationships in Haiti

News issue:

1 million children and youth are orphaned, unaccompanied, or left with one parent.

1 million children susceptible to disease , predators, and human predators.

Constellation Repatterning

Need to constellate predators.

‘To constellate’ means to place a symbol in order to represent someone or something such as predators in this case.

‘There is disorder in my system’. OFF

Information regarding the predators…I’m scared too. OFF

If my relationships were ordered then my life would be different (better):

I have loving relationships that are nurturing and respectful of each others’ feelings. ON

Symbol changed to a symbol of the Light. Essence being of love.

Hierarchy is respected  by all of the system’s members and love flows freely. ON

For the perpetrator and victim to embrace:

‘I confirm my desire for order in my system

I believe my system can maintain its order.

I choose the order of love.

I deserve order.’

Modalities that were included here to shift the statements were about the victims giving back the perpetrator energy. The intention here is that Predators own their behaviors and take responsibility for what they are doing. Likewise, the victim’s take their power back and forgiveness occurs  towards those that abandoned the children (such as parents/guardians were who killed in the earthquake).

The intent of this repatterning is based on this morning’s newspaper in the NJ Times and while this author is not aware of any incidences, the potential exists as so many children remain vulnerable (as well as adults too).