Tuesday 10.13.15 – Growing through Grief – Third stage – Bargaining

When faced with a significant loss – the loss of a loved one, an ideal or dream, or even the loss of safety or one’s home, one of our most basic instincts is to try almost anything to get the thing we cherished back into our lives. In some ways, this stage is very much linked with denial in that we can’t see that all of our efforts are not going to return life back to “normal” – that there will be no “normal” in the old sense…we must create a new “normal”.

In this third session of a 5 part series we will explore how bargaining that stems from loss and grief shows up in the world and in our own personal lives. From the company that “green stamps” their products while secretly dumping toxins into local water supplies to terrorist regimes that use violence as a way to retain control when they know they do not have it, we can all see how bargaining affects World Peace. But what about our own personal peace? Maybe it is the voice that says “maybe if I was more agreeable, my relationship which has recently soured won’t end” or maybe it is about facing how you may be taking steps to make positive changes in one area of your life, so you can ignore another area in your life that really needs attention.  What ever it might be for you, please do share as your experience helps us shift these patterns for the greater whole in a positive way.

The full schedule for the “growing through grief sessions” is:

  • August 14th – Denial – COMPLETED.
    You can still participate by filling out this survey and by listening to the podcast
  • September 13th – Anger – COMPLETED.
    You can still participate by filling out this survey and by listening to the podcast
  • October 13th – Bargaining
  • December 10th – Depression
  • January 9th – We’ll make a final push to move through the stages of grief to acceptance and the positive outcomes we see coming out of this

How To Participate:

Please fill out the survey below to proxy in and to provide your insight into how bargaining is affecting world peace.

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