Clear Vision: Beyond Chaos & Confusion 1/19

Session Notes – Repatterning Chaos & Confusion in Haiti

Session time: 10pm – Triple heater meridian high time

Orientation: Brain-integrating cross crawls

To help right and left brain (logic & feeling) communicate and get switched off for struggle

Problems into Opportunities;

-There are blockages at the airport in bringing in aid, and blockages in distributing it within Haiti

-Communication within Haiti is difficult

-There are conflicts about receiving military vs. humanitarian flights

-People are apprehensive about excess military intervention by the US

-There is a lack of leadership and clear authority

-Relief efforts are chaotic and confusing

Brain area non-coherence: Right cerebral hemisphere

Issues manifest around feelings and seeing the overall picture

-I see the big picture

-All my internal systems are in rhythm with each other

Daily Empowerment Intention:

I easily make the transition from one day to the next

I easily make the transition from one phase of the rescue to the next

Clear Vision Repatterning

I cannot see a clear solution to the chaos, confusion and lack of leadership

I don’t want to see more time and lives lost because of the confusion

I avoid taking constructive action

Movement for Life- Constricting messages

Don’t ask questions / Don’t act out

Fears involved in not seeing clearly:

I am afraid of being constrained / violence / the future / death / enclosed spaces

Color Wavelength needed: Turquoise

Acceptance Needed:  I accept each detail of the earthquake and how it has affected

me, free of all resistance

Clear Vision Non-coherence:

Seeing is too painful

I blame others when things go wrong

Coherent Attitude, Response and Concept of Time needed:

-I maintain my faith through all my challenges

-I have the power to handle this situation

-Who I was in the past is different from who I am in the present

I am spontaneous

Vision Modality: Movement while reading – look near and far

Flower essence: Emergency Trauma Solution / Healer’s Protection

The session is complete.

Haiti Natural Disaster Repatterning 1/18/10

Haiti Natural Disaster Repatterning

Facilitated by Kathie Joblin

Monday, January 18, 2010
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST

I now proxy in to this session all individuals who have indicated by signing up at the special website that they desire to be included in this repatterning session.

Identify the Problem: 

  1. 1.     We are afraid that we are forgotten and we are counting on you.      OFF    
  2. 2.     The process of removing dead bodies is taking a very long time.      OFF    
  3. 3.     Bodies are burning in the streets — set on fire by those afraid of disease.     OFF

Negative or Non-Coherent Feeling: Panic, fear, despair, hopelessness, disorientation.             OFF

An area of stress:  We have depression issues.  OFF

Shock effect: We are in shock from seeing the images of the devastation in Haiti; we are in shock at the magnitude of the disaster and the number of lives lost. OFF

The underlying opportunity:  Support is ongoing from around the world; the world supports the restoration of Haiti by forgiving its international debts.           ON

Empowerment in daily living intention:  We reduce the possibilities for irritation and impatience in this difficult situation by being in communication with each other and authentically speaking our truth.  ON

Acceptance is needed: We accept the consequences of manifesting our intention for authentic communication and move into action with integrity.  ON

Fire Element Repatterning:  the Fire Element is associated with human connectedness and bonding whether social or intimate – the fiery quality of relationship is one of unconditional love, warmth, joy and laughter. In the present situation, we have bonding stress with missing loved ones, and bonding challenges with helpers arriving from other parts of the world.

Identify bonding stress:  I attract partners who are depending on me to make them happy.   OFF

Lack of resonance with coherent bonding: We explore new ways of bringing warmth and fun into our relationship that are mutually satisfying to both of us.           ON 

(I understand this statement to refer to a particular relationship that is a hologram for all relationships)

Underlying cause of bonding non-coherence:  My mother doesn’t express her love with words and touch.       OFF

Unmet life need from an earlier time in life:  Security  ON

This is a generational pattern that is now cleared back 17 generations on both sides of my family.

Unmet spirit level need from an earlier time in life:  Radiance  ON

This is a generational pattern that is now cleared back 22 generations on both sides of my family.

A new perception in the present that supports bonding with ease and joy:  I trust that my loving, intimate relationship will last.  ON

Acupuncture points needed to bring Fire Element into balance:  #18’s on the Triple Heater Meridian known as “Feeding Meridians” points using massage with essential oil of Lavender and the affirmation:  “I create a climate conducive to positive communication.”

All statements have cleared and are as indicated above. 

We are ON for the positive and life affirming and OFF for the negative.

This session is now complete at 5:00 p.m.

I am complete with being a proxy for all participants.


 in love and gratitude


In the Aftermath: Supporting Haiti at the Heart 1/17/2010

  Post Session Notes: 1/17/2010

Proxy Session facilitated by Kimberly Rex, MS

Session time: 1 PM Small Intestine Meridian time and is part of Fire Element

*I proxy this session for all of the participants who gave permission to take part.

 INTENTIONS FOR A NEW POSSIBILITY: (ON means we resonate with this, OFF means we no longer resonate with this, UMB means we have a core life energy shift).

Umb ON/ The world collaborates and delivers support speedily, easily, efficiently and lovingly, is received graciously and with appreciation for its use for Highest and Best Intent.

 ON/ Our minds, hearts and souls are stretched with this new opportunity to remember our oneness with all things to act accordingly and to further ascend in this process of supporting Haiti in a way that is respectful, sees the long term effects and needs to be accomplished for wholeness.

 ON/ Everyone needing water, food, shelter, and medical intervention is taken care of.

 Small Intestine Meridian Repatterning


OFF/The split and confusion with aid delays, struggles to communicate with groups with supplies, getting needed supplies to the ground, damaged roadways and ground transportation, communication among the military and humanitarian agencies.

 UMB OFF/Split and confusion in communication between family in the US, other countries and Haiti

OFF/ Split and confusion with orphans separated from homeland

UMB OFF /Split and confusion with government communication that helps all involved

OFF/Chest/ I absorb what is toxic and feed this to my heart at physical level

OFF/The grass is always greener where I am not.

ON/I have lots of good friends.


  1. GREEN with Color Filter Torch on Small Sea ( Left side on the Physical level) Point 8: This Earth point brings a sense of security, stability and a firm foundation when you have much to sort out or when you need to create priorities in your life.
  2. Vitality Breath for the solar plexus, to energize mental alertness and overall energy level.

 POSITIVE ACTION: Brush teeth with a combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and a little water 1x per day for 2 days. (This was a direct response to a reference to root canals or recent dental work ).

 All statements have shifted and cleared in this session.

 Respectfully and Lovingly Submitted,


Kimberly Rex, MS

Repatterning for Survival and Recovery in Haiti – Post Session Notes

Hi all – welcome to our quickly evolving group proxy sessions to help address the needs of the Haitian people in the face of this natural disaster.  The session this eveing was based on statements obtained through the media sources (TV and print) and rephrased in present tense statements.  Hopefully in today’s session we addressed some critical patterns the masses need to clear to move healing energy into Haiti right now.    Here are the statements that cleared with this session:


January 16th 2010

” I proxy the field of energy for all members who have signed up for WPH or the special edition (giving us permission)  to clear patterns and create coherence for an extraordinary recovery process in Haiti. “- Carolyn Winter (Practitioner)

 Movement For Life Repatterning

 Movement issues:  now cleared

 -Haiti is struggling to care for its living while death is everywhere/off
-only the people who could make sounds get saved./off
-we know there are more people inside and we can’t get to them./off  

Societal messages contracting the hologram for this recovery:
-“you need to be constrained.”/off
-“they deserve the earthquake because…._____________ (complete with a negative belief relevant to you if any)/off
-I feel sick to my stomach when I hear these messages voiced, especially in the media/off 

Accessing the current need:
-we have water, food, supplies, equipment, shelter, safety, distribution and strong Haitian leadership./on
-supplies make it through in large amounts./on
-the donor countries communicate in a way that enhances the Haitian leadership./on
-they can count on us./on
-everyone is accounted for-everyone/on
–it is safe sleeping outside or in tents while we wait for help./on
-we look out for each other./on
-the Haitians remain in charge throughout this period of recovery and beyond/on
-day by day coordination is more and more in place and working effectively./on
-we manage the massive task of removing the bodies from curio arrangements with reverence and as fast as possible./on

Movement of expansion needed:
–          “we leap!.”/on
manifesting in the eyes-I move my eyes in their natural miniscule movements so I am able to get a clear focus./on
-I entrain with those I resonate with through my postural position./on

Manifesting physically:
-I am relaxed./on|
I am graceful./on
-I walk with confidence./on 

Manifesting in our life actions-we dance for joy often (when someone else is saved.)/on

Modalities to create coherence:

aroma oil sequence of “Thieves”, “Transformation”, And “Dream Catcher”,

All statements have cleared we are now on for the positive and life-affirming statements and cleared or off in residence for the negative or life depleting statements.

 This session is complete and I am complete being a proxy for this group.

 Respectfully submitted

 Carolyn Winter for World Peace Hologram

PS – If you would like to join the group proxy sessions for Haiti simply put your name on the list at http:

Helping Haiti at World Peace Hologram

   The issues from the news regarding Haiti for loss of grieving families, food, clean water, communication between people and organizations,  accessibility to medical supplies and shelter have filled the air waves these past few days.  World Peace Hologram would like to invite you to offer core energy support by adding your name at the website and your concerns here.  Volunteer practitioners will offer continual Resonance Repatterning ©sessions throughout the coming weeks to help all of the people of Haiti, the organizations and leaders working to create positive and sustainable change, and to help structure a coherent response that helps all involved. Please take part here  by:

1) Adding your name for the sessions here: 

2) Add a comment with either this simple poll or with your extended concern request as a comment below.

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