Resonate with Healing and Having Justice for the Missing or Lost Indigenous Women

Here in Canada we have had a horrible situation of missing women particularly of aboriginal descent over the past 30 years. The number of missing women make it too many to be more than a coincidence. It seems one day a person is here and the next day they are off the face of the earth.  Calls for a task force to investigate went unaddressed for 3 decades but even now that one is appointed nearly a year ago, its work seems stalled at every turn.

Could it be that society is not resonating with caring, knowing or more importantly solving this tragic trend so that it no longer happens?

This group session is to help us create a field of peace for knowing what happened to our loved ones, finding loved ones, for having the support of society to have justice and to resonate with a culture of mutual respect for everyone.   Hopefully our group resonance will support the task force’s challenge to heal the wounds of this tragic situation.   Join me to create peace in your heart to radiate peace in the world.  This session aired  on Monday June 5th 2017.   To be included in this session retro-actively and clear your field of energy for this world peace issue, watch the video above.

Click here for a hard copy of the sessions notes at Google Drive.   You may find them useful in following the video above.

Nov 9th – The Morning After Repatterning

Heated elections can leaving us feeling distressed and anxious.  It can be made so much worse when our usual source of support – family, friends and colleagues or our community are not only polarized but also spiraling down with negativity.  How do we cope with the morning after?    REPATTERNING of course!   Friend and Colleague Georgia LaCroix,  has framed the issue for us in her article “…There has to be a morning after”.      I invite you to read it as part of this session.  Your comments are welcomed.

Join us for this session streaming live the morning after the elections.   No matter what the results and where you stand, this session aims to bring us all back to a place of balance and harmony positioned to spiral up with gratitude, energy and joy.

To participate, complete the form below.  Tune in November 9th at 10:00am Eastern or catch the post session recording.  Your comments are welcomed!

10.29.16 – Join Us for the Session “Resonating with Respect and Value for Women”

How To Participate – please complete the form below anonymously with your information.  Your field of energy will then be included in the session so that you may benefit from the shift.   Tune in live on October 29th 2016 or watch the recording later.  Know that your participation will create coherence for yourself and add coherence to the grid of humanity.   This is an opportunity to change the cultural energy and make a positive difference for women everywhere.  Please join us.

Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

9.21.16 Acrimony and politics…

I will be doing a world peace repatterning with my friend Jennifer Johnson on September 21st, the first day of autumn, metal element time. Father energy is aligned with metal and that missing energy contributes to the worlds problems.

We are going to focus on the election year drama that is unfolding. Why the need to get your point across by denigrating your opponent? Why some much negativity? Why can’t people just be respectful of different points of view?

Please submit your issues and intentions regarding this Presidential election and we will include them in our session. Thanks!


2.26.16 Shifting Our World History of Oppression to Forgiveness, Healing and Resilience

In honor of African- American History Month, it feels really timely to address the shadow of oppression that has woven into our collective histories and to also recognize the treasured gifts of learning to forgive, working to heal, and becoming resilient – learning to rise up in hope despite it all.

This World Peace Hologram will be combined with a Resonance Practitioner Skills day where your contributions here will be a part of a group session conducted by certified and student practitioners. These groups sessions are amazing and quite powerful with so many practitioners who know this work collaborating together to shift deep collective patterns!

Inspiration for the day:
When I think of oppression, I think of its roots as our own natural tendency to not love and accept ourselves and each other exactly how we are. The video below offers a beautiful poem from Climbing PoeTree describes this tendency so joyfully. Yes, oppression is also about larger economic systems that encourage grasping and taking from other peoples (or future generations), but my feeling is that as we learn to authentically love and value ourselves (realizing that we are a part of this earth and everything on it), we naturally disengage from these systems and live in more earth and people-honoring ways.

How to participate

Please fill out the survey below. Your answers will be used as part of a group repatterning session on February 26th!

Saturday 1.9.16 – Growing through Grief – Last stage: Acceptance

Grief is a winding road. It takes us to places that are unexpected, sometimes difficult, but which also hold a potential which is sometimes hard to see, which always walks beside us. As we reach the final stage of our Growing through Grief series, I have to smile at the paradox of working through Resonance Repatterning to change things in the name of acceptance. This perhaps points to one of my deepest questions on the spiritual path – what is ours to change and what is ours to accept? For me, changing ourselves in order to find a greater level of acceptance is one of the greatest efforts we can make not only for ourselves, but for this world.

And part of this is developing the ability to see more deeply into the potential each moment brings – what walks beside us, or even carries us, along the way. We must become seers, but not just any seers, but True Seers, ones who see the heart of the divine in all that is.

To inspire us along this path, I have written a poem which can be found here.

And I hope you will join me in the final stage of the Growing through Grief series to weave a little more acceptance into the world, so that ALL should find peace.

How To Participate:

Please fill out the survey below to proxy in and to provide your insight into how acceptance can contribute to world peace.

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Thursday 12.10.15 – Growing through Grief – Fourth stage – Depression

The depression stage of grief can sometimes be the most challenging. This is where you meet the reality that nothing you have done in the previous stages to try and change the loss could erase it. Depression may feel pointless, but it does serve a purpose in preparing you for a more wholesome acceptance. This is where we learn to hold the pain of the loss, which means that when we move on to a more active acceptance, we are not just trying to cover that pain up.

In this forth session of a 5 part series we will explore how depression that stems from loss and grief shows up in the world and in our own personal lives. It might be our sense of hopelessness about climate change or our political situation. Or maybe it is looking at how our sense of “nothing is ever going to change” leads us to addictive behaviors or apathy. What ever it might be for you, please do share as your experience helps us shift these patterns for the greater whole in a positive way.

The full schedule for the “growing through grief sessions” is:

  • August 14th – Denial – COMPLETED.
    You can still participate by filling out this survey and by listening to the podcast
  • September 13th – Anger – COMPLETED.
    You can still participate by filling out this survey and by listening to the podcast
  • October 13th – Bargaining – COMPLETED
    You can still participate by filling out this survey and by listening to the podcast
  • December 11th – Depression
  • January 9th – We’ll make a final push to move through the stages of grief to acceptance and the positive outcomes we see coming out of this

How To Participate:

Please fill out the survey below to proxy in and to provide your insight into how bargaining is affecting world peace.

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Nov 24th, 2015 – Repatterning around “I am safe” by Lynn Larson

I am safe. I am content. I am kind. I am inspired.
I am safe.
I am content.
I am kind.
I am inspired.

November 24th, 1pm CST, I’ll be conducting a World Peace Hologram Resonance Repatterning session with the seed statements of:

I am safe; I am content; I am kind; I am inspired.
I connect to that part in others which feels safe, content, kind and inspired.
Our connection fortifies our sense of safety, contentment, kindness, and inspiration.

Because these seed statements are the same as before, our coherence with these statements becomes stronger and further reaching.  We clear more and more of our energy field to support these statements so that it is easier to hold these frequencies in the presence of stronger opposing frequencies.

If you’d like to participate, I’ve added in a sign up form where you can also contribute statements for consideration.

‘See you’ soon!

November 16th, 2015 Resonate with Compassion for Refugees in Europe by Jennifer Lucky Johnson

In mid-November of this year I will be visiting family in Budapest, Hungary which has been a focal point of the Syrian refugee crises. The images in the news of thousands of people and families with small children fleeing their homeland in search of a better and safer life for themselves and their loved ones tear at our hearts. The newscasts also show images of brutal attempts to keep them from entering Hungary or neighboring countries even while there are those who attempt to offer support and compassionate understanding. The situation in Syria is only one part of the world where refugees are fleeing for their lives looking  for safety and shelter.

There are people who long to find compassionate responses to the multiple needs of refugees throughout the world and there are those who see a need for protection from perceived or real threats to their own personal security or safety. There are no easy answers to this humanitarian crisis but we do know that this crisis impacts each of us because we live in a world that is interrelated and interconnected on all levels.

‘We’re trying to live a different value system while asking for things to change. What’s most important is that every connection along the line mirrors the kind of world we are trying to create. Each step needs to reflect energetically what we’re after, which is a holographic image of the quality of relationships we are trying to create.” Marshall B. Rosenberg

This World Peace Hologram (WPH) is dedicated to “those who suffer yet have the courage to hope or ask for help and have faith that humanity will respond…” (from the WPH workbook)

Complete the form below to be included in this repatterning and obtain the Youtube link for the event or recording.  The session will be done (crossing fingers!) via a YouTube live event  from Hungary with practitioner and RPA Prez, Carolyn Winter assisting me.