Repatterning for Japan Thursday March 17th 1:00pm EST

I feel at such a loss as to being able to support this country. Let’s come together in the spirit of community and support for the people of Japan. Let’s repattern the earth, the ocean, the fish, the fear and any resonance related to the WWII bombing of Hiroshima and radiation exposure. Let’s get ON for relief efforts and support as soon as possible for this country.

Call in instructions: 605-562-3099  Access code: 1065241#


Karen Kent

President, Repatterning Practitioners Association

Maintaining Conscious Attachment and Connection with our Children and Families

This session for the World Peace Hologram was completed this afternoon. Many thanks to those who made submissions! It helped to guide the session as there were very few callers on the line. It is recorded and notes are posted at

Positive Action for all to do within 24 hours of listening to the session or reading the notes:

AT least once, make a conscious intention to be with family. Send someone in your family a note or give them a call. Send love. Tell someone in your family you miss them. Go have coffee or tea with them.

The Orientation modality to do for entrainment for this session was for me to sing Zippy Doo Daa! It really set the tone and setting for this session which brought us back to when life utero and the birth process. It’s like, let’s get back to Joy, skipping, movement, love…life.

Much love,

Karen Kent


Overcoming resonating with discordant energy in disasters on 2/24

Today’s repatterning helped to clear our resonance with mass destruction on people, culture, and the earth. We resonate with the care and resurrection of people from devastation, starvation, and poverty.

We resonate with feeling powerful, going to our depths to share our truth and honest feelings, dealing with crisis and change, welcoming rebirth, and engaging in self-mastery. These are all qualities of the planet Pluto’s frequencies for support in Haiti~on an unconscious level as well!

From the bottom of my heart,


Movement for Life in Haiti on 2/22

Repatterning completed today. Clearing issues/fears related to traumatic responses to chaos and yet ‘everything appears to be stationery’. We are resonating now with movement, seeing things, people, objects near and far and utilizing our full breath.

Positive Action: Over the next 3 days: Hold an object and look at it. Close your eyes and remember what you have seen. Open your eyes if you want to look more. Close your eyes and remember more. Do this once a day for 3 days.

‘We can remember perfectly only what we have seen perfectly. We can see perfectly only what we can imagine perfectly. To imagine perfectly, we need to remember perfectly! from Vision modalities: Chloe Faith Wordsworth

Blessings of love and dance and action to you all for support for Haiti!


Children’s Rights to secure nurturing relationships in Haiti

News issue:

1 million children and youth are orphaned, unaccompanied, or left with one parent.

1 million children susceptible to disease , predators, and human predators.

Constellation Repatterning

Need to constellate predators.

‘To constellate’ means to place a symbol in order to represent someone or something such as predators in this case.

‘There is disorder in my system’. OFF

Information regarding the predators…I’m scared too. OFF

If my relationships were ordered then my life would be different (better):

I have loving relationships that are nurturing and respectful of each others’ feelings. ON

Symbol changed to a symbol of the Light. Essence being of love.

Hierarchy is respected  by all of the system’s members and love flows freely. ON

For the perpetrator and victim to embrace:

‘I confirm my desire for order in my system

I believe my system can maintain its order.

I choose the order of love.

I deserve order.’

Modalities that were included here to shift the statements were about the victims giving back the perpetrator energy. The intention here is that Predators own their behaviors and take responsibility for what they are doing. Likewise, the victim’s take their power back and forgiveness occurs  towards those that abandoned the children (such as parents/guardians were who killed in the earthquake).

The intent of this repatterning is based on this morning’s newspaper in the NJ Times and while this author is not aware of any incidences, the potential exists as so many children remain vulnerable (as well as adults too).

Grounding in the Earth Chakra for Haiti 1/20

I was completely moved when doing this repatterning and pray that these repatternings fill the hologram with love and support for all.

Only the people who could actually express themselves get saved.

Those in Haiti are experiencing an overwhelm of manifestation of Lack.

Modality: Alignment with Life. In this visualization, as  proxy for the group, I saw the dead give us life to

To continue and go forward. We are to connect with our light.


Haitians stay conscious and support each other.

  • Haitians peacefully count on us; aid arrives as fast as possible
  • Distribution happens quickly and effectively
  • we win the race against time and supplies arrive in time to save lives
  • Distribution now flows as fast as aid supplies arrive.

Everyone is accounted for – everyone.

The world commits to supporting Haiti’s restoration by forgiving its international debts.

The Chakra Life Cycle Repatterning

Images and thoughts of Haitian bodies burning in the streets — set on fire by those afraid of disease.


I move into new beginnings with inner strength.


I am afraid.

Ether being inappropriately activated:

I move into new beginnings before I have taken a pause and allowed for closure.

What will allow me to move through each phase of the life cycle in a harmonious way and with right timing in relation to the problem?

Earth: I let go of my anger, rage, fear about Mother Earth and how ‘she’ did this to me/us. I let go of feeling disconnected to the earth. I let go of feeling like a victim.

I appreciate and view that this disaster is about timing. It is something bigger than me, bigger than all of us. I don’t know the meaning of it all but I yield to the possibility that many many people all over the world will learn from this experience. I celebrate a completion that allows all people involved to move into new beginnings at a higher level of coherence and awareness.


Tone the note of C which is related to the Earth chakra. C also is correlated with this statement: ‘I am responsible, full of hope and choose to create positive change’.  The color of the Earth chakra is Red. It is the Fire of Life, for passion, courage, vitality, the will to live, and grounding in Mother Earth and link to the material world.

For this modality, I had to sound out ‘ee’ to the note of C and have my eyes look right which is looking to the future.

Once this was done, all statements cleared so we resonate with the positive intentions and do not resonate with the issues as stated.