3/4 Repatterning for Chile

Repatterning for Chile   4 March 2010

Kathy Halay, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Australia

I include all those who have given permission to be included in this energy field of Repatternings for Chile

Orientation: The Large intestine Meridian “I am forgiven for my anger and rage’

Problems into Opportunities:

“  The poor struggling coastal towns of Chile affected by the Earthquake and tsunami  &inhabited by Chiles poor rural underclass are no receiving  aid.

There is widespread chaos, sickness , hunger & thirst. The quake and the hunger people are feeling are splitting people apart. There is no electricity   telephone service  cell phone networks, water for drinking,  medical aid or food..” ON

Non-coherent feeling associated with the problem.

“ Overwhelm shock fear anger loss.” ON


Why do you feel you have this problem

“ All the relief is flowing to the bigger cities where it matters more for the politicians. ON

Underlying shock

“The experience of the earthquake and the tsunami felt like the  apocalypse.”

Opportunity the problem is offering:

Need to resonate with positive relationship strengths in the community and the government of


“citizenship; being loyal to the group, social responsibility, teamwork, working well as a group or member of a team”


“Fairness; treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice, no letting personal or political  feelings bias decisions about others.”


Belief Repatterning

The limiting belief: “I am half dead”  Umb ON

Which non-coherent social beliefs are imprinted “You’ll never make it.”

Diffusion out of the system

Diffusion  of shock pain and the image of trauma.

The fear of the Mother Nature

The negative feelings of anger and hysteria

The negative mental state of  insecurity

Blame for the ruling authorities

Diffused from the mental body.

Modalities needed for diffusion

Brain Body diffusion, with to the parietal and temporal bones looking down left.

The vitality breathe

The proprioceptive  foot and ankle movements.

The different point of view of seeing the  situation in colour

Residual tension shake out


Identify the life –enhancing belief that will support moving to a higher level of coherence:

“ I am a success”

The coherent societal belief required:

“Every positive effort counts”

Fusion what needs to e fused into the system

Life need of  Trust

The Opportunity of the problem

“Citizenship; being loyal to the group, social responsibility, teamwork, working well as a group or member of a team”


“Fairness; treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice, no letting personal or political  feelings bias decisions about others.”

Positive feeling of “ Dignity”

Fused into the mental body:

Modalities required

Sympathetic nervous system balancing

Essential oil ‘Siberian cedar wood” to Jin shin point 20

Fused with love and forgiveness for Mother Nature

Further Modality Required The open Heart gesture while wearing the red colour filter lenses.

All negative statements have cleared and we are in phase with all co-herent statements.

There is a Positive  action

The Open- Heart Gesture This position represents the ’mudra’ or hand position of unconditional love. Doing the open-heart gesture has an energising and strengthening effect on you as well as anyone present.

Stand or sit with your palms open by your sides.


Inhale and expand your chest and sternum. Exhale and relax your chest and sternum and feel your upper back curving forward, Repeat this expanding and relaxing motion a few times,

Now allow yourself to move in anyway you feel drawn to, while holding the palms open.

Do the open-heart gesture and send compassion to all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Chile

This needs to be done once only in a time of your choosing.

This session is complete.

With love and honour for this opportunity , and gratitude to all those included,

Kathy Halay Certified Resonance Repatterning  Practitioner, Australia

Repatterning for the delivery of and the receiving of basic life needs in Haiti.

Repatterning for the delivery  of and the receiving of basic life needs in Haiti.

Kathy Halay , Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner,

Orientation to Others-

“We pulse together for trust, understanding, bonding with love and attaining a higher state of vitality and joy.”


Activating hearing- the Elephant Hearing brain gym.

Problems into Opportunities-

‘I have to fight for food and water’  (umb)

‘There is a lack of sharing of basic supplies of food and water due to fear’

‘The delivery of basic needs is not getting to all those who need it’

Non coherent feeling associate with the problem-

‘ Fear, anger and rage’

This problem is exacerbated by –

‘Chronic shortages of basic life needs.’

The opportunity this problem offers-


‘ I totally accept the present challenging situation free from fear and anger.’

Abundance Repatterning

Non coherent earth quality-

‘I am insecure’

Metal element-

‘I feel guilty about being alive’

Water element-

‘I have no reserves of power, I feel depleted’.

Coherent earth element-

‘I am provided with all the vitality I need,’

The vision of true abundance-

True earth ‘ I trust that I am provided for under all circumstances.’

The acupuncture point needed-

Heart protector meridian point five and the lung meridian point nine

Right side of body, applying the essential oil Siberian cedar wood, toning note of ‘G’   and feel vibration at base of spine.

Positive Intention

‘All the loving kindness, compassion and aid from around the world directed at Haiti manifests as prompt and effective delivery of food, water, oil, medical supplies and medical aid to all that require it. Haitians receive this love, share it with each other

and move forward as an empowered people.’


Harmonizing contact to bring balance and harmony to all functions, physical, emotional and mental.

No positive action required. All negative statements have cleared. We are in phase with the positive statements.