Notes from January World Peace Hologram, Laura Frisbie, M.Ed.

Session Date:
January26  2010

The Courage to be Love in Action
Facilitated by:
Laura Frisbie
Asheville, NC  USA

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Jealousy Repatterning for Radiating Your Light (Bringing Your Lower Brain into Service of Your Higher Brain)

I am jealous of people who are successful, who have families, who are heard and respected. OFF

I am lacking and unworthy and cannot attain, my efforts are unsuccessful, there is not enough for everyone, there is no point in even trying. OFF

I am afraid of wasting my talent. OFF

As a child, I needed encouragement, affirmation, belonging, inclusion, love and support, acceptance, self-esteem, the right to dream, positive coaching, direction, happy healthy parents, and role models. A good start in life. ON

Communicating directly, honestly, and lovingly is hard for me because I am afraid. OFF

I am a good listener. ON

I honor and validate others and their successes. I enjoy and appreciate who I am. We all are, I am. ON

This session is now Complete: ON


Saying what I want and resonating with that creates a new connection with my higher brain.

When I resonate with my higher brain, every relationship amplifies closesness, trust, love and joy.

I give my attention to the other’s point of view, acknowledge what they are feeling and needing. There is no right or wrong, only closeness and support.

Recommended Positive Action

Palming the eyes, alternating between light and dark, and repeating, “I AM”

by: Laura Frisbie, M.Ed.

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Phone: 828-337-5845


Repatterning for Haiti on Stress Around Bonding and Separation on 1/25

Laura Frisbie, M.Ed. –  Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

All intentions are now ON. All issues have cleared and are now OFF.

Separation Stress

~ (stress) I am hyper-agitated because I feel my survival is threatened when I am separated from my mother.

~ (belief) I am not safe. I cannot trust life. I cannot feel safe ever again.

~ (feeling) I feel bereft.

~ (what would help)  I let go and I hand my life over to God.

~ (coherence needed) I have control.

Modality:  Unified Field Energy Tracing (Tracing the pattern of energy flow through the Acupuncture Five Element Meridians)

In service

Laura Frisbie, M.Ed.

The Courage to be Love in Action: Optional Preparation for Tele-session on 1/26

If you’d like to prepare for this session, here is a brief exercise:

The Courage to be Love in Action

-1- Identify an action that you do, or would like to do. Something that you care about, something that reaches deep into what is meaningful for you.

It doesn’t need to be either pleasant or ideal.  For example:  I am thinking about my recent experiences with family during the holidays.  It could be family, your art, hobby, friends, work – anything that has significance for you personally.

-2- Now that you have your action:   What are the “conditions”  that you have around it?  How does it need to be so that you are getting what you want?   It isn’t always easy to be conscious of your conditions.  So ask yourself,  “What do I want from this action?”

In the example above, “home for the holidays”, I would have answered:

– I want to feel welcomed

– I want people to ask about me and about my work

– I want to have reasonably comfortable and interesting conversations that at times might include me and my work…at least once (a year? ever?).

– I want to talk about my interests, what I care about

– I do not want to be in arguments or lectures about politics, the environment, health care, or the economy

– I want dignity, not shame, about my life path

– MOST of all, I want warmth. I want warmth towards and from my family

Soooo, you get the drift.  Your turn.  List what you want or don’t want and realize…these are “conditons” that you place, meanings that you give, things you think you need or deserve.

NOW what? How do you get from conditions to unconditional love?  After all, the conditions ARE there. You want what you want, right?  There is nothing wrong with that… there is nothing wrong with wanting this type of connection with my family, right?  What is wrong with wanting warmth (for example)?

3- Love in Action is recognizing your conditions and letting them go.  If you need something from another person…like I needed from my family, then let it go.  Realize, in a very SPECIFIC way, that they cannot, or have not, or will not, or may never ever, give you what you need, or be who you need, or help you feel how you need.

Honor what you “need” and want. Accept that you need and want it. Own that you wish it and pine for it.  Recognize that you feel damaged, wounded, sad, angry, frustrated….what EVER.  Then grieve that you don’t have it or can’t have it and then LET IT GO.  Shrug.  Accept it.

Imagine it is now the end of time and shrug…”well, THAT didn’t happen…oh well.”   What you have done is let them off the hook. You are finally letting them be who they are, and who YOU are, and maybe its NOT what you need.  They just are, you just are.  When you let them off the hook, amazingly, AMAZINGLY, they will release and be able to move toward you.  “They” …”it”…”you”…what ever fits for your situation.

Realize that there is usually something like this statement running as a current in your energy:

I need _________(fill in the blank) to do ___________ so I can feel ____________.”

(My example: I need my family to approve and understand what I do so I can feel proud of myself.)

Love in Action is when you do what matters to YOU just because it matters to you.  And because it matters enough to do it – no matter what the world reflects back to you.  You do it and in the doing of it you find out what matters to you, and maybe best of all

You find out what stops you.

The courage part?  The courage part of love in action is how much truth is required to get there.

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