2.26.16 Shifting Our World History of Oppression to Forgiveness, Healing and Resilience

African American History Month

In honor of African- American History Month, it feels really timely to address the shadow of oppression that has woven into our collective histories and to also recognize the treasured gifts of learning to forgive, working to heal, and becoming resilient – learning to rise up in hope despite it all.

This World Peace Hologram will be combined with a Resonance Practitioner Skills day where your contributions here will be a part of a group session conducted by certified and student practitioners. These groups sessions are amazing and quite powerful with so many practitioners who know this work collaborating together to shift deep collective patterns!

Inspiration for the day:
When I think of oppression, I think of its roots as our own natural tendency to not love and accept ourselves and each other exactly how we are. The video below offers a beautiful poem from Climbing PoeTree describes this tendency so joyfully. Yes, oppression is also about larger economic systems that encourage grasping and taking from other peoples (or future generations), but my feeling is that as we learn to authentically love and value ourselves (realizing that we are a part of this earth and everything on it), we naturally disengage from these systems and live in more earth and people-honoring ways.

How to participate

Please fill out the survey below. Your answers will be used as part of a group repatterning session on February 26th!

Author: Summer Starr - Wild Lotus Living

I support individuals on their journey of personal unfolding. Wild Lotus Living is not about finding answers, but about finding new and more authentic ways of being on the never-ending journey of life. It is about using the mud of your life to unfold into your brilliance and bringing your brilliance as a healing balm to the world. Learn more at www.wlotusliving.com

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