[MP3 Recording] 1.9.16 – Growing through Grief: Last Stage – Acceptance

growing through grief

Over the last few months we have had a wonderful journey exploring the many ways grief affects world and personal peace. I have learned so much and thank everyone who participated in this project! One of the sweetest takeaways actually came in the form of the repatterning that was selected for the last two stages – for depression and acceptance. This was the life-cycle repatterning and it is part of the chakra’s book. The fact that this repatterning came up for both of our final stages really highlights the ultimate issue we face when looking at our grief over the world situation. We can often get frozen into a sense of disempowerment, or a lack of inspiration or even go the opposite direction and get too worked up into action that isn’t effective. What I have learned over the past few months is that when we come to an issue that causes grief in our hearts, this is a sign to deeply listen to what is trying to be communicated and what we may need to accept in order to be in right relationship with the problem, so we can take more authentic and positive action. This would be action that transcends judgments or preconceived notions of how life “should” be, but rather comes from a place of accepting what is, but also nurturing that little spark in us that glows with the “what could be for me.”

This kind of acceptance/authentic action is what world leaders like Gandhi embodied. Their concepts of “being the change you wish to see in the world” goes much deeper than adopting certain characteristics of a “good person”. They were really talking about doing the self-work that supports a much deeper connection to All That Is and allowing action to come from that place. This is the work that excites me and fuels my life. If that resonates with you, I’d love to support you on your journey through this kind of transformation, too! Learn more about my work at www.wlotusliving.com.

I hope you enjoy the recording of our final session:

Audio Recording

If you would like to participate, you still can by filling out the session survey. By doing so, you will be proxied into the session.

I leave you with a poem that speaks to our letting go of our “should’s” and opening into a relationship of readiness for larger guidance in our lives. To me, this is the true embodiment of the kind of acceptance which will support peace for all:


Control of life
Control of death
a wanting that can and never will be satisfied.
We live in hope
a trust in the unseen as much as the seen
to live otherwise is the truest death
one which we witness each day
even in ourselves
but thankfully there is new life waiting each moment
an opportunity to choose again.
Can you see this wheel turning?
Spinning, spinning, so we might find our center
so that the tumbling clay of our being
might be shaped by defter hands than ours

Author: Summer Starr - Wild Lotus Living

I support individuals on their journey of personal unfolding. Wild Lotus Living is not about finding answers, but about finding new and more authentic ways of being on the never-ending journey of life. It is about using the mud of your life to unfold into your brilliance and bringing your brilliance as a healing balm to the world. Learn more at www.wlotusliving.com

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