Saturday 1.9.16 – Growing through Grief – Last stage: Acceptance

Grief is a winding road. It takes us to places that are unexpected, sometimes difficult, but which also hold a potential which is sometimes hard to see, which always walks beside us. As we reach the final stage of our Growing through Grief series, I have to smile at the paradox of working through Resonance Repatterning to change things in the name of acceptance. This perhaps points to one of my deepest questions on the spiritual path – what is ours to change and what is ours to accept? For me, changing ourselves in order to find a greater level of acceptance is one of the greatest efforts we can make not only for ourselves, but for this world.

And part of this is developing the ability to see more deeply into the potential each moment brings – what walks beside us, or even carries us, along the way. We must become seers, but not just any seers, but True Seers, ones who see the heart of the divine in all that is.

To inspire us along this path, I have written a poem which can be found here.

And I hope you will join me in the final stage of the Growing through Grief series to weave a little more acceptance into the world, so that ALL should find peace.

How To Participate:

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