Grief and Gratitude

It seems a bit strange to be thinking about grief on such a joyous holiday, but Thanksgiving’s emphasis on what we are grateful for actually ties in quite well to our grief series. I recently started reading a book by Martin Prechtel called “The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise.” It is a poetic book that describes how our deep grief for something is actually a reflection of our values and praise – our gratitude – for that very same thing.

In his book, Martin shares beautiful practices for expressing grief as modeled by the indigenous community he lived with in Guatemala. From his vantage point, our western stoicism is actually counterproductive. We need to grieve and grieve loudly. We also need community who will surround us and support us in our grieving and make it safe enough to really dive into emotions we usually suppress.

So this Thanksgiving weekend, give thanks for your tears. Not only do they tell you what you love and what you are grateful for, they also are a wonderful expression of that love.

And don’t forget to join me for the next installment of the “Growing through Grief” series, which can be found here.

Thursday 12.10.15 – Growing through Grief – Fourth stage – Depression

The depression stage of grief can sometimes be the most challenging. This is where you meet the reality that nothing you have done in the previous stages to try and change the loss could erase it. Depression may feel pointless, but it does serve a purpose in preparing you for a more wholesome acceptance. This is where we learn to hold the pain of the loss, which means that when we move on to a more active acceptance, we are not just trying to cover that pain up.

In this forth session of a 5 part series we will explore how depression that stems from loss and grief shows up in the world and in our own personal lives. It might be our sense of hopelessness about climate change or our political situation. Or maybe it is looking at how our sense of “nothing is ever going to change” leads us to addictive behaviors or apathy. What ever it might be for you, please do share as your experience helps us shift these patterns for the greater whole in a positive way.

The full schedule for the “growing through grief sessions” is:

  • August 14th – Denial – COMPLETED.
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  • September 13th – Anger – COMPLETED.
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  • October 13th – Bargaining – COMPLETED
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  • December 11th – Depression
  • January 9th – We’ll make a final push to move through the stages of grief to acceptance and the positive outcomes we see coming out of this

How To Participate:

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