Notes for Nov 11th, 2015 — Repatterning around “I am safe” by Lynn Larson

Hi! The notes from yesterday’s session can be accessed here: Notes for Nov 11th, 2015

The Repatterning was an Integration for Growth Repatterning allowing us to maintain higher states of coherence in relation to various daily activities.
We are now ‘On’ for the statements of:

I am safe. I am content. I am kind. I am inspired.
I am safe.
I am content.
I am kind.
I am inspired.

as well as the statements

  • I connect to that part in others which feels safe, content, kind and inspired.
  • Our connection fortifies our sense of safety, contentment, kindness, and inspiration.
  • and many others!

There is a follow-on activity of doing Katsugen daily.  Katsugen is a movement awareness activity where the body initiates movement.  To begin, become aware of the internal movement within your body.   As you become aware of this, allow it to express itself externally.  The ‘trick’ to Katsugen is to allow the body to initiate movement rather than a concept of how to move.  Sometimes movements are big, sometimes they are very small, sometimes rapid, sometimes slow.  There is no prescribed way the body is ‘supposed’ to move.  Katsugen is a great way to enjoy bringing more movement and spirit into your life.

’til next time!

Author: Lynn

Ever thought, 'Well, this is just a mess! But what can I do?' For starters, Resonance Repatterning helps you figure that out and get you going in a positive direction. And then you can 'expect great things.' Seriously. In the most direct way, Resonance Repatterning brings you greater harmony and coherence. Then like the pebble in the stream, you send ripples of greater harmony and coherence out into the world - positively influencing the people around you in your personal relationships, your organizations and communities, and ever widening spheres of influence. I have been helping others with this work for over 20 years and have seen amazing things during that time. My vision for world peace focuses on creating safety and compassion for all so that each of us can contribute our unique gifts to humanity. Join me at WPH for a session I will do monthly.

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