“I am safe ….. ” Repatternings facilitated by Lynn Larson

I am safe. I am content. I am kind. I am inspired.
I am safe.
I am content.
I am kind.
I am inspired.

In thinking about Global Peace, I have often wondered, “What is keeping us from peace? What is keeping me from peace?”

My greatest sense of peace comes when I am feeling safe – I have no sense of fight/flight, no need to protect myself, no need to defend anything. I can allow others to be as they are and myself to be as I am.

Within this place of safety I feel content with myself and can extend kindness to those around me.

When I am safe I also feel capable and calm. It is easy for me to receive inspiration and naturally take appropriate action. I can be in the moment, knowing that if I need answers, they will come to me.

So that I can experience this level of coherence more and more often, and radiate this coherence more and more strongly, I have committed to myself to continue sessions on this theme and I invite you to join in with me!

Although it is the same set of seed statements at the beginning of each session, because we are a group and because we change and because ‘life happens,’ we can continue to use this same set of seed statements for quite some time, becoming more and more strongly coherent with these frequencies so that our sense of safety, contentment, kindness, and inspiration infuses our day to day lives.

The Next session will be …  perhaps Dec 2nd.  stay tuned!

For convenience, here are the previous session notes:

Author: Lynn

Ever thought, 'Well, this is just a mess! But what can I do?' For starters, Resonance Repatterning helps you figure that out and get you going in a positive direction. And then you can 'expect great things.' Seriously. In the most direct way, Resonance Repatterning brings you greater harmony and coherence. Then like the pebble in the stream, you send ripples of greater harmony and coherence out into the world - positively influencing the people around you in your personal relationships, your organizations and communities, and ever widening spheres of influence. I have been helping others with this work for over 20 years and have seen amazing things during that time. My vision for world peace focuses on creating safety and compassion for all so that each of us can contribute our unique gifts to humanity. Join me at WPH for a session I will do monthly.

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