August 1, 2015-Session on Healing our Environment by Jennifer Johnson

August 1, 2015

10:00 a.m. PDT

This session will be by proxy.

This Repatterning will address some of the challenges facing our Mother Earth right now as we join together to envision a way through the present chaos into a healthier future.

You are invited to join in this envisioning by completing  the form included in this post and giving your permission to proxy you into this session.  This gives us an opportunity to join our hearts and voices to add to the growing call to action and to link with others of like mind.

Please add any statements or items you wish to have added in the comment section and I will include them.

Author: Jennifer Johnson

I assist people to move through those 'stuck' places in life by clearing energetic patterns using a healing system called Resonance Repatterning to get things moving again. This includes personal transformation for ourselves and others. I have been using this work since 1997 and continue to be amazed and inspired by the benefits I have experienced personally and by the positive results shared by others. My vision for world peace focuses on our willingness to envision and resonate with a world where the needs of all are respected and valued by exploring and transforming our own fears and prejudices which manifest as violence to our earth, ourselves, our families and other persons around the world. Please join me for my monthly WPH sessions.

3 thoughts on “August 1, 2015-Session on Healing our Environment by Jennifer Johnson”

  1. Reblogged this on News & Updates and commented:
    Big congratulations to practitioner and teacher Jennifer Johnson who has posted her first World Peace Hologram event AND went the distance to learn how to insert a form into her announcement to sign up participants and collect their responses. Please check it out and share!

    We would love to see all practitioners set up their WPH events. It is a great way to introduce your services, connect with your audience and most importantly, make a difference. At the same time, follow our steps to set up an event as Jennifer has done and you will learn a great way to structure your own group proxy sessions with efficient forms and all! (Sign Up at



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