Friday 8.14.15 – Growing Through Grief – First Stage – Denial

Friday, August 14th

Time: 6pm PDT

This session is offered by proxy with a recording to be posted afterwords or you can also call into our conference call (details below).

Today’s world is facing unprecedented challenges as we wade through social, political, economic, and environmental challenges to create a better world for future generations. Luckily, we humans are wildly creative beings and we have the intelligence and resources to be and create the change we want to see in the world!

This World Peace Hologram session is focused on a major block to this creativity – grief. I have found in my own healing work that unless and until I could really hold my grief for what is happening in the world, my actions to create in the world were inauthentic and did not hold their full creative power and potential. Additionally, many of the problems I see in the world actually appear to be a form of being “stuck” in a stage of grief.

To this end, I am encouraging us to all dig deep into the ways that this grief plays out in our lives and in the world as a collective. I will focus on the 5 stages of grief and am asking for you to join me with your input on how you see this working in your life and society around you. Together, I believe we can shift denial, anger, bargaining and depression to move onto acceptance and the opportunity for new creation that comes with it!

I will be offering 5 sessions, each focused on a stage of the grief process. This first August session will focus on denial. I invite you to join our hearts and minds to shifting this experience of denial over what is happening in the world today. How do we see denial about what is happening in the world work within ourselves and society as a whole?

The session schedule will be:

  • August 14th – Denial
  • September 13th – Anger
  • October 13th – Bargaining
  • December 10th – Depression
  • January 9th – We’ll make a final push to move through the stages of grief to acceptance and the positive outcomes we see coming out of this

How To Participate:

Please fill out the survey below to proxy in and to provide your insight into how denial is affecting world peace or join me on the conference call:
Friday, August 14th at 6pm PDT
Number: (712) 775-7031
Access code: 532-070

August 1, 2015-Session on Healing our Environment by Jennifer Johnson

August 1, 2015

10:00 a.m. PDT

This session will be by proxy.

This Repatterning will address some of the challenges facing our Mother Earth right now as we join together to envision a way through the present chaos into a healthier future.

You are invited to join in this envisioning by completing  the form included in this post and giving your permission to proxy you into this session.  This gives us an opportunity to join our hearts and voices to add to the growing call to action and to link with others of like mind.

Please add any statements or items you wish to have added in the comment section and I will include them.