So happy that WPH is springing back to life!

When you think of it, all the Repatterning practitioners who kept this project alive for 10 years accomplished something pretty awesome. A free session every week, from practitioners located all over the world, beginning shortly after 9/11.

I can’t think why we stopped, maybe we just needed time out. But I’m certainly glad to have the opportunity to start up again. And this time better than ever because we have so many new social media tools to spread the word (and frequencies), and salt the earth with peace and love via the power of resonance.

Thank you Carolyn and the RPA Board for recognizing the value of our Repatterning service and the World Peace Hologram.



Published by

Gail Glanville

With nearly 20 years experience as a holistic professional and 10,000+ hours as a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Gail delights in helping professional women claim the best of their Nun Karma and let go of the rest. So they prosper, and come away knowing all the reasons why they really, really matter!

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