3/11 Session for Earth Event Aftermaths submitted by Sharon Mayo

HR session                                                                                                          

March 11, 2010/ Facilitated by Sharon Mayo

Problems:  There are earthquakes and tsunamis in Turkey, Chile, Uganda, and Haiti.  People are terrorized and traumatized.  Help is hard to get.  Food is scarce.  People are afraid.  Families are seperated. People are sick and dying.  The earth’s axis has shifted 3 degrees which affects the whole environment.  There is too much greed and corpution. OFF

Fear, anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, overwhelm, chaos, unloved, powerless.

Powerless, chaos, anxiety/PMES levels/OFF

Sleep issues and abortion issues/OFF

Brain noncoherence:  cingulate gyrus; issues manifest as repetitive thoughts, resistance to change, inflexibility and being argumentative. 

I see positive options in challenging situations. ON

Brain wave:  theta, 8.29 cps in cingulate gyrus/  ON

Disharmonious note:  E, 317.53 CPS/ OFF

Disharmonious octave:  21,096.16 CPS/off

Harmonious note:  A# 458.14 CPS/ON

Octave:  yellow 517 trillion cps/ON

My thoughts, feelings & needs are important/hypothalamus/ES level/ ON

Inner vision repatterning

What are you doing/not going that keeps your light contracted?  I am fearful.  I am chaotic.  I am overwhelmed.  I can’t see the bigger picture.  I am distressed and distraught.  OFF

Negative attitude:  I will never recover all that I have lost.  I am devastated.  OFF

Frustration:  I am angry at G-d, the government and myself for living in a country that can’t help me.  No one is helping me.  OFF

Competitiveness:  I have to be better than all those who are suffering to feel good about myself.  OFF

Fear:  I am afraid of death, povert, hunger, government, politics, being sick, being homeless, losing my friends, family, neighbors,pets, being broke and broken, not being whole and complete.  OFF

Jealousy:  I am not able to provide for my family, friends, neighbors, & pets.  I am not able to survive.  OFF

Unfriendliness:  I don’t treat neighbors as I would like him/her to treat me.  OFF

Grief:  I am grieving for the loss of family, friends, neighbors, pets, food & money even though my grief is contracting my life energy and my light.  OFF

Earlier experience:  in utero, 2nd trimester, 6 mo, with G-d. 

Negative situation:  the world is being created.  People are losing faith in G-d, Coruption and greed are important.  OFF

Life need:  security/ ON

Spiritual need/ courage & limitlessness/  ON

Negative feeling:  I am powerless/ ES levels/ON

Negative beliefs:  I’ll never be OK.  I’m scared and I am going to die.  OFF

The belief, 12 generations on the father’s side is OFF

Noncoherent attitude, response &/or concept of time:  G-d is not helping me/ OFF

Noncoherent response:  I have no control over how I react/ OFF

Noncoherent concept of time:  I fill my time with negative thoughts.  OFF

Frustrated expression of feelings:  I suppress my pain about my feelings not being heard & understood.  OFF

Noncoherent far sighted response:  I am angry. OFF

Eye tension:  flaccidity in right eye, superior rectus (attaches into the upper eye ball) OFF

We are checking for feeling connected to yourself in relation/  ON

We are checking for the distance that makes coherent relationships possible.  8’, ON

We are checking for the power of movement & relaxation to let in more light & allow you to radiate with light/ON

Modalities: orange, talk about memories, blink

I am in touch with my feelings/ ON

I lovingly express my needs/ ON

I access my feelings & resolve my discomfort by trusting that I can have my needs met.  ON

I am confident. ON

I genuinely want the best for everyone. ON

No positive actions needed. 

Have a great day filled with love, light, and laughter.  Sharon Mayo