Rebuilding Agricultural Sovereignty in Haiti 2/28


Rebuilding Agricultural Sovereignty on 2/28 Session facilitated by Kimberly Rex, MS

Water Element time of Bladder and Kidney

 Proxied in all participants at World Peace Hologram for Haiti sessions. All statements have cleared.

Intentions for a New Possibility:

  • Government and local leaders respond and interact with foreign aid officials, and take part in caring for short and long term needs of Haiti. ON
  • Food is adequately distributed and nourishes 2 million people. ON
  • Abundance returns to the land and agricultural regions of Haiti. Haiti participates in the World Market as a respected exporter, and is paid abundantly for its goods. ON

Mandorla Conflict Repatterning

Conflict: Agricultural products with foreign restrictions/Low wages with dependence on foreign exports OFF

Physical Response: Pain in stomach. OFF

Emotional Response: I’m afraid of authority. OFF

Need/Truth: Investment in agricultural rebuilding. UMB ON

Brain Non-Coherence: My vision of life is reduced to survival responses. OFF

I stay rational and give no importance to my creativity. OFF/ Chest/Physical/16th century

Vision Checks: all cleared for facing the problem, near-far pt., memory for what is possible, and right iris.

Color Wavelength Needed: pink DONE

Higher Purpose/Lesson: Rebuilding Haiti means standing on own with reconnection to the abundance of the land leading to sovereignty. ON

Concept of Time: I do what I need to do in whatever time I have. ON

New Possibility from Conflict: Government and local leaders ask for support for agricultural structures that leads to trade that empowers sovereignty. Assistance without leverage. Final say in wage or structure that enhances freedom of production. Advisory council in Haiti for primary governance. ON

Action Needed: Collaboration with agricultural organizations for fair trade. Representation from elders and local leaders from groups already living in agricultural areas. Leadership from farmers. ON

Modality: Imagine a Letter. DONE

Respectfully submitted, Kimberly