Movement for Life in Haiti on 2/22

Repatterning completed today. Clearing issues/fears related to traumatic responses to chaos and yet ‘everything appears to be stationery’. We are resonating now with movement, seeing things, people, objects near and far and utilizing our full breath.

Positive Action: Over the next 3 days: Hold an object and look at it. Close your eyes and remember what you have seen. Open your eyes if you want to look more. Close your eyes and remember more. Do this once a day for 3 days.

‘We can remember perfectly only what we have seen perfectly. We can see perfectly only what we can imagine perfectly. To imagine perfectly, we need to remember perfectly! from Vision modalities: Chloe Faith Wordsworth

Blessings of love and dance and action to you all for support for Haiti!


Author: Karen Kent

Karen is a Holistic Health Counselor and Social Worker. She uses traditional and non-traditional therapies in her work. She is certified in Resonance Repatterning and is a certified consultant and teacher of Spiritual Response Technique. She often uses energetic healing techniques with clients who live a long distance away. Her passion is working with and supporting people who are motivated and actively on their Spiritual journey. Currently she a past President of the Repatterning Practitioners Association.

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