Session for Haiti on 2/9/2010 submitted by Niki Kritsos

Haiti,all it’s people and those who are assisting


We pulse together for trust, understanding, bonding with love and attaining a higher state of vitality and

Water chakra

I have an instinctual ability to transform and rebound from trauma. off/on

The energies of Haiti, those who are alive, and those who have left, and the ‘helpers,’ are uplifted in alignment, balance, and loving harmonious connection. off/on

Co-Dependence Repatterning

I think that somehow other people are responsible for what happens to me and what I feel. on/off

Other people listen to me, appreciate me and value

I do not feel at peace with myself.on/off

I love myself. off/on

I am free from 10 generations on my father’s side from the pattern of co-

I am free from 8 generations on my mother’s from the pattern of co-


Intervals—3rd activates feeling responses of strength, lightness, joy and love.

Tuning forks  G and A#  hearing  – G on left and A# on right  wearing pink colour filter lens.and looking at a candle flame.

Closure Breathing in at the heart chakra, unconditional love and expanding unconditional love outwards on the outbreath.

 Niki Kritsos, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner