You Raise Me Up: Session for Haiti 2/7/2010


You Raise Me Up: Session for Haiti 2/7/2010

Facilitated by Kimberly Rex, MS Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Lung Meridian Time on February 7, 2010

*This session is proxied for all participants who proxied into this session at World Peace Hologram

 Lung Meridian helps to maintain connection to the Divine within self and other. It helps with discovering what is of true worth in this life and create what is worthwhile for self and others. Positive and energizing language (respectful), and need for acknowledgment and appreciation it serves to create greater calm, an interior resonance with support from the vertical axis and spine.

Intentions for a New Possibility

*presence of pillars of leadership, solidarity and vision within Haiti to rebuild a structure that creates unity within diversity. ON

  • respect and justice for women, children and vulnerable ON
  • protection and respectful regard for needs of newborns, women and children of Haiti ON

 Harmonious Tone: 370 cps ON   I see what needs to be done and commit myself to action. ON

 Gallbladder Meridian Repatterning

Gall Bladder Meridian is part of Wood Element. Gallbladder gives you a broader way of looking at things. It brings clarity so you can see what needs to be done and when. This clarity helps you maintain a wider vision of things so your judgments are pure and wise. This helps you with the ability to move towards your goal with decisions that keep you on track towards your goal: right timing.

Issue: The obstacles of homelessness, lack of structure, communication, respect for vulnerable, implementation of healthy practice for women, children, and newborns make it impossible for Haiti to achieve the goal of restoration. UMB OFF

Earlier Experience: CLEARED

(Childhood Experience) I am stopped from achieving my optimal developmental health, my potential as a human/spirit being, my creativity, my education, my aspirations, my mobility, my rights and sovereignty. UMB OFF

Negative Belief: The Divine is unfair and cruel. The Divine creates trauma with great expense. It is impossible to trust my inner knowing. If I put my faith in the Divine, I may lose everything. It is better to be cynical and satirical. It keeps me strong. OFF

Non-coherent Gallbladder: I am late. OFF

Forgiveness: I forgive the Divine for this devastation. UMB ON
Coherent Gallbladder: Structure can happen in small steps. Small groups can empower larger networks. UMB ON

I keep myself open and free of predetermined judgments. ON

Modality: DONE Acupressure Point #43 Valiant Stream (Water on Wood/Right side/Spirit Level) Finger Contact/Left index finger on diagram proxied for group.

This pt. Is helpful when you need strength and courage to make decisions. It helps when there is fear about decisions. It helps with growth, rebirth and new beginnings. If you are inflexible, physically, emotionally or in your thinking, this pt. brings a sense of fluidity.

Music: You Raise Me Up

All statements cleared.

With Deepest Love and Respect,


Kimberly Rex, MS


Session for Haiti on February 6, 2010 submitted by Nina Frank

Session 6 Feb 2010 – repatterning for Haiti

Facilitated by Nina Frank, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, ZA


rept. brain
spirit level
OFF/ON  – We are anchored in the present, fully aware, living from our centre of equilibrium, so we move towards what is energising, coherent and life-giving


ON/OFF – This ongoing devastation and lack of resources, as well as the shock and trauma we’ve experienced is impossible to overcome.  How will we put our lives together again?  Where is God?

OFF/ON  –  We connect with our inner and spiritual resources with deliberation, determination, strength and quietitude.  We bond together as a community and in doing so find greater strength and compassion, which allows us to move forward, finding gratitude and appreciation for small things, in spite of everything that has happened.

spirit level
OFF/ON  –  We totally and completely accept the problem as it is, free of wishing it to be otherwise and deal with our grief.


spirit  level
Umb ON/OFF  –  It is difficult for us to open our hearts with others who haven’t suffered as much as we have.

Spirit level
Umb ON/OFF  –  They can’t possibly empathise or understand.

ON/0FF  –  Resentment

ON/OFF  – I disconnect from my heart

Umb ON/OFF  –  We lived in such devastating circumstances and felt victimised by our circumstances

ON/OFF  –  We felt self-pity

Umb ON/OFF  –  Life is impossible

OFF/ON  –  Light

Subtle level 11
Spirit level
Off/ON  –  Our hearts are open

OFF/ON  –  I trust my heart’s knowing wisdom, intuition and truth.


 Wood/Tonification point
spirit level
against the flow of the meridian
Green colour filter torch with star tetrahedron


Katsugen with open heart gesture, daily for 4 days.

The session is complete.