Notes from January World Peace Hologram, Laura Frisbie, M.Ed.

Session Date:
January26  2010

The Courage to be Love in Action
Facilitated by:
Laura Frisbie
Asheville, NC  USA

I proxy in all participants who have subscribed to the session as of this date and time.

Jealousy Repatterning for Radiating Your Light (Bringing Your Lower Brain into Service of Your Higher Brain)

I am jealous of people who are successful, who have families, who are heard and respected. OFF

I am lacking and unworthy and cannot attain, my efforts are unsuccessful, there is not enough for everyone, there is no point in even trying. OFF

I am afraid of wasting my talent. OFF

As a child, I needed encouragement, affirmation, belonging, inclusion, love and support, acceptance, self-esteem, the right to dream, positive coaching, direction, happy healthy parents, and role models. A good start in life. ON

Communicating directly, honestly, and lovingly is hard for me because I am afraid. OFF

I am a good listener. ON

I honor and validate others and their successes. I enjoy and appreciate who I am. We all are, I am. ON

This session is now Complete: ON


Saying what I want and resonating with that creates a new connection with my higher brain.

When I resonate with my higher brain, every relationship amplifies closesness, trust, love and joy.

I give my attention to the other’s point of view, acknowledge what they are feeling and needing. There is no right or wrong, only closeness and support.

Recommended Positive Action

Palming the eyes, alternating between light and dark, and repeating, “I AM”

by: Laura Frisbie, M.Ed.

Contact Information:

Phone: 828-337-5845


Published by

Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., C.R.R.P.

I specialize in healing fear of abandonment issues from the inside out. My work quickly brings deep emotional release and transformation. A Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner since 1999, I've been healing people from all walks of life via phone and Skype all over the world. Healthy relationships ARE possible and natural. Certif

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