Repatterning for Haiti on Stress Around Bonding and Separation on 1/25

Bonding and Separation Stress Repatterning for Haiti

Laura Frisbie, M.Ed. –  Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

All intentions are now ON. All issues have cleared and are now OFF.

Separation Stress

~ (stress) I am hyper-agitated because I feel my survival is threatened when I am separated from my mother.

~ (belief) I am not safe. I cannot trust life. I cannot feel safe ever again.

~ (feeling) I feel bereft.

~ (what would help)  I let go and I hand my life over to God.

~ (coherence needed) I have control.

Modality:  Unified Field Energy Tracing (Tracing the pattern of energy flow through the Acupuncture Five Element Meridians)

In service

Laura Frisbie, M.Ed.

Author: Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., C.R.R.P.

I specialize in healing fear of abandonment issues from the inside out. My work quickly brings deep emotional release and transformation. A Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner since 1999, I've been healing people from all walks of life via phone and Skype all over the world. Healthy relationships ARE possible and natural. Certif

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