Repatterning for Haiti, Out of Chaos Comes Order 1/24/2010


Repatterning for Haiti, Out of Chaos into Order on January 24, 2010

Facilitator: Kimberly Rex, MS Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Heart Meridian Time12-1 PM Pacific

Intentions for a New Possibility: All intentions are now ON. All issues have cleared and are now OFF.

  • Main airport stays open in Haiti.
  • Air traffic control works with ease and optimal communication for safety of all involved.
  • US military presence in Haiti is respectful, helpful and gives highest regard to the needs of Haitians both short and long term.
  • Sharing and organization of supplies between humanitarian organizations. Prioritization of needs and communication hierarchy is established between primary organizational leads in a compassionate and beneficial way that serves the greatest good for Haiti.
  • Respect and loving spiritual ceremony for lost family members, friends and loved ones.
  • Harmonizing Tone of A at 440.4 cps ON
  • I trust others are capable of looking after themselves. ON

Tone related to dissonance at 329.63 cps OFF


Non-coherent feeling: I feel guilty. OFF

Non-coherent mental attitude: I don’t want to deal with Haitians expectations of me. OFF

Physical dissonance: oxalic acid, L Tryptophan, parasites, radiation, mouth, pingala OFF

Higher Purpose: The outpouring of grief in Haiti brings together the planet to heal the wounds of separation where there have been wounds over time. When we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. ON

 I live my life in accordance with natural law-doing what is life-energizing for my body, emotional well-being, mind and spirit, as much as possible. ON

Negative Pattern related to Dissonance: OFF

Pattern to cancel, neutralize and transcend dissonance: ON ( done with octahedron/Air Chakra over Heart/counterclockwise)

Positive Feeling related to new pattern: There is a long term solution that lasts and sustains over time within the history of Haiti is a blossoming into a new possibility for established renewal with roots and capacity for complete growth. ( the images of a three rooted tree with a fully blossoming flower within with a pyramid underneath) ON

Negative Feeling related to new pattern: Masked bandit. Mistrust of long term old regimes/challenges. OFF

FUSION: Message the Heart of the people of Haiti need to hear: “We will rise again. We are respected. Our lives make a difference. We will continue.” ON

Fusion with Parasympathetic Polarity support that helps in cases of shock. DONE

 POSITIVE ACTION: Throat Breathing to bring more pranic and chi energy to your throat and breath. DONE

Submitted with Love and Respect,


Repatterning for Haiti 1/23/2010 submitted by Nina Frank

REPATTERNING FOR HAITI 23/01/2010 submitted by Nina Frank
Faciliator: Nina Frank, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner
Umb Off/On  – We stay tuned to love
Modality:  Yang balancing Points
 We’ve lost everything  –  On/Off
Specific to the earth chakra on the spirit level:  Shock from the earthquake  –  Umb On/Off
We are in danger  –  On/Off
Specific to the spirit level:  Each time we see someone play the victim we become furious –  Umb On/Off
We are strong and capable  – Umb Off/On
Specific to the sacrum (we are powerless) on the spirit level:  Our homes have gone
Specific  to the neurotransmitters on the emotional level:  Peace –  Umb Off/On
We feel despair and hatred  –  On/Off
Life is horrendous – On/Off
We have 88% (On) and then 0% (On) resonance for being a perpetrator
We have 83% (On), then 0% (On) resonance for being a victim
Specific to the neurotransmitters on the spirit level:  The victims in my system are at peace – Off/On
The modality was to integrate victims and perpetrators internally.
 On Tuesday, before going to sleep, lie on back with feet up against the wall for 3 minutes.