Earth Element Repatterning for Haiti 1/22/2010

January 22 2010
Facilitated by Carolyn Winter. Toronto ON CA

“I now proxy the energy field of each person registered for this program and who have given permission and and connect this field of energy to the conscious energy field, creating a field of potential for the present moment for manifesting our intentions.”-Carolyn Winter, facilitator

Special note-The music from the special televised telethon was used as a healing modality contributing to the session.

The “On”‘s and “Off”.s indicated for each statement reflects our final resonance with each statement at the conclusion of the session.

Earth Element Repatterning

Problem requiring this repatterning:
-The situation in Haiti makes us feel unstable, disconnected or insecure./off
-someone close to me/images of people in Haiti viewed on the media are involved/off

I lose my sense of being centered when…
-taking in the news in Haiti/off
-when realizing I have lost a loved one/off
-when we are in touch with our interconnectedness/off

Transition stresses involved in my life – -transition stresses involving….

-related healing responses: /off

Non-coherent Feelings involved:
-I feel let down/off
-I feel despondent/off
I feel drained and numb/off
-I feel un-ending grief/off
-I feel trapped/off
-I feel regret/off

Where the non-coherent healing is blocked in the hologram:
-our non-coherent feelings are blocked in our distribution networks/off

Brain Wave Cycle Involved: 9 cps in the cingulate gyrus brain area/On

What will nurture our earth element?
-supplies get through /On
-every day another miracle happens and another life saved. /On
-we move out of chaos to a coordinated plan WITH Haitian people/On
-safety rules/On
-sanitation is valued by everyone/On

I nurture myself by helping as I can and praying regularily./on
We keep our spirits up through singing. /On
I feel the connection with the caring world./ /On
we forge new lifelong friendships. /On
we are understood. /On
We are inspired. /On

Earth element qualities needed to stabilize our earth element:
-I am at peace./on
-My own mothering energy takes care of me and devotes herself selflessly to my well-being./on
-I am emotionally nurtured by earth energy which helps me stay connected to my body, my feelings and intuition./on

Modality to create coherence: Energy Contact-contact on a small intestine Meridian contact #8  right side for two minutes / completed

Alignment for life visualization exerciseclick here for audio / completed

Problems involved-we know there are more people inside and we can’t get to them.

New possibility intentions for recovery:
-the missing are quickly found and familiar /On
-We look out for each other. /On
-we win the race against time and supplies arrive in time to save lives., transcending confusion, political agenda, and physical blocks caused by the earthquake. /On
-day by day coordination is more and more in place and working effectively. /On
-Haitians stays the course and support each other. /On

Modalities to create coherence: from light therapy-color filter twice plus sapphire crystal in the energy field of the brow chakra.

“All statements have cleared and are as indicated above.  We are ON for the positive and life affirming and OFF for the negative.  The session is complete and we are coherent for survival and recovery initiatives for Haiti.   I am complete with being a proxy for the group at this time.” -Carolyn Winter

Hold the healing space for Haiti, it’s people and the international aid effort.


Carolyn Winter