Clear Vision: Beyond Chaos & Confusion 1/19

Session Notes – Repatterning Chaos & Confusion in Haiti

Session time: 10pm – Triple heater meridian high time

Orientation: Brain-integrating cross crawls

To help right and left brain (logic & feeling) communicate and get switched off for struggle

Problems into Opportunities;

-There are blockages at the airport in bringing in aid, and blockages in distributing it within Haiti

-Communication within Haiti is difficult

-There are conflicts about receiving military vs. humanitarian flights

-People are apprehensive about excess military intervention by the US

-There is a lack of leadership and clear authority

-Relief efforts are chaotic and confusing

Brain area non-coherence: Right cerebral hemisphere

Issues manifest around feelings and seeing the overall picture

-I see the big picture

-All my internal systems are in rhythm with each other

Daily Empowerment Intention:

I easily make the transition from one day to the next

I easily make the transition from one phase of the rescue to the next

Clear Vision Repatterning

I cannot see a clear solution to the chaos, confusion and lack of leadership

I don’t want to see more time and lives lost because of the confusion

I avoid taking constructive action

Movement for Life- Constricting messages

Don’t ask questions / Don’t act out

Fears involved in not seeing clearly:

I am afraid of being constrained / violence / the future / death / enclosed spaces

Color Wavelength needed: Turquoise

Acceptance Needed:  I accept each detail of the earthquake and how it has affected

me, free of all resistance

Clear Vision Non-coherence:

Seeing is too painful

I blame others when things go wrong

Coherent Attitude, Response and Concept of Time needed:

-I maintain my faith through all my challenges

-I have the power to handle this situation

-Who I was in the past is different from who I am in the present

I am spontaneous

Vision Modality: Movement while reading – look near and far

Flower essence: Emergency Trauma Solution / Healer’s Protection

The session is complete.

Author: Ellen Shapiro

I'm a coach, mentor and teacher who blends energy manifesting with practical tools to help solopreneurs and creative conscious women create sane success.

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