Grounding in the Earth Chakra for Haiti 1/20

I was completely moved when doing this repatterning and pray that these repatternings fill the hologram with love and support for all.

Only the people who could actually express themselves get saved.

Those in Haiti are experiencing an overwhelm of manifestation of Lack.

Modality: Alignment with Life. In this visualization, as  proxy for the group, I saw the dead give us life to

To continue and go forward. We are to connect with our light.


Haitians stay conscious and support each other.

  • Haitians peacefully count on us; aid arrives as fast as possible
  • Distribution happens quickly and effectively
  • we win the race against time and supplies arrive in time to save lives
  • Distribution now flows as fast as aid supplies arrive.

Everyone is accounted for – everyone.

The world commits to supporting Haiti’s restoration by forgiving its international debts.

The Chakra Life Cycle Repatterning

Images and thoughts of Haitian bodies burning in the streets — set on fire by those afraid of disease.


I move into new beginnings with inner strength.


I am afraid.

Ether being inappropriately activated:

I move into new beginnings before I have taken a pause and allowed for closure.

What will allow me to move through each phase of the life cycle in a harmonious way and with right timing in relation to the problem?

Earth: I let go of my anger, rage, fear about Mother Earth and how ‘she’ did this to me/us. I let go of feeling disconnected to the earth. I let go of feeling like a victim.

I appreciate and view that this disaster is about timing. It is something bigger than me, bigger than all of us. I don’t know the meaning of it all but I yield to the possibility that many many people all over the world will learn from this experience. I celebrate a completion that allows all people involved to move into new beginnings at a higher level of coherence and awareness.


Tone the note of C which is related to the Earth chakra. C also is correlated with this statement: ‘I am responsible, full of hope and choose to create positive change’.  The color of the Earth chakra is Red. It is the Fire of Life, for passion, courage, vitality, the will to live, and grounding in Mother Earth and link to the material world.

For this modality, I had to sound out ‘ee’ to the note of C and have my eyes look right which is looking to the future.

Once this was done, all statements cleared so we resonate with the positive intentions and do not resonate with the issues as stated.

Clear Vision: Beyond Chaos & Confusion 1/19

Session Notes – Repatterning Chaos & Confusion in Haiti

Session time: 10pm – Triple heater meridian high time

Orientation: Brain-integrating cross crawls

To help right and left brain (logic & feeling) communicate and get switched off for struggle

Problems into Opportunities;

-There are blockages at the airport in bringing in aid, and blockages in distributing it within Haiti

-Communication within Haiti is difficult

-There are conflicts about receiving military vs. humanitarian flights

-People are apprehensive about excess military intervention by the US

-There is a lack of leadership and clear authority

-Relief efforts are chaotic and confusing

Brain area non-coherence: Right cerebral hemisphere

Issues manifest around feelings and seeing the overall picture

-I see the big picture

-All my internal systems are in rhythm with each other

Daily Empowerment Intention:

I easily make the transition from one day to the next

I easily make the transition from one phase of the rescue to the next

Clear Vision Repatterning

I cannot see a clear solution to the chaos, confusion and lack of leadership

I don’t want to see more time and lives lost because of the confusion

I avoid taking constructive action

Movement for Life- Constricting messages

Don’t ask questions / Don’t act out

Fears involved in not seeing clearly:

I am afraid of being constrained / violence / the future / death / enclosed spaces

Color Wavelength needed: Turquoise

Acceptance Needed:  I accept each detail of the earthquake and how it has affected

me, free of all resistance

Clear Vision Non-coherence:

Seeing is too painful

I blame others when things go wrong

Coherent Attitude, Response and Concept of Time needed:

-I maintain my faith through all my challenges

-I have the power to handle this situation

-Who I was in the past is different from who I am in the present

I am spontaneous

Vision Modality: Movement while reading – look near and far

Flower essence: Emergency Trauma Solution / Healer’s Protection

The session is complete.