Helping Haiti at World Peace Hologram

   The issues from the news regarding Haiti for loss of grieving families, food, clean water, communication between people and organizations,  accessibility to medical supplies and shelter have filled the air waves these past few days.  World Peace Hologram would like to invite you to offer core energy support by adding your name at the website and your concerns here.  Volunteer practitioners will offer continual Resonance Repatterning ©sessions throughout the coming weeks to help all of the people of Haiti, the organizations and leaders working to create positive and sustainable change, and to help structure a coherent response that helps all involved. Please take part here  by:

1) Adding your name for the sessions here: 

2) Add a comment with either this simple poll or with your extended concern request as a comment below.

Author: Kimberly Rex, Certified Resonance Repatterning and Life Coaching Practitoner

Kimberly is a Certified Master Life Coach, Resonance/Holographic Repatterning Practitioner and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist who helps you achieve your life goals by phone, Skype, in-person or proxy. Find out more about Resonance Repatterning and Repatterning Your Life Coaching packages in her FREE monthly newsletter with exclusive articles on conciousness science, monthly healing modalities and exclusive session offerings at

6 thoughts on “Helping Haiti at World Peace Hologram”

      1. In looking at news articles this morning, I noticed that my eyes were shifting to take in the support for session themes of the last two days for Haiti. Look at the headlines. The first session on the 16th regarding finding people who would otherwise be lost due to time and sound issues primarily made by tapping. This article speaks to alternative methods of survival through tapping, texting and connection heard!

        The second article speaks to the difficulties in treating people in hospitals. However, read further: roads are being cleared, a system is being set up for communication between medical personnel, and there is a reference to a beginning improvement at the hospitals. This is the energetic work of th 17th.
        Let’s keep working to support Haiti with coherent energy in the field. Together we can do so much more!


  1. From Alicia Balderrama in Mexico – she writes…

    Dear Carolyn, thanks for your mail, I’ve sent it to the RR community in Mexico and Spain. I work closely as a volunteer for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”, an orphanage founded in Mexico which has a home and two hospitals (had) in Haiti, you may also use their “news” for intentions: our sessions will be greatly appreciated.

    With love and gratitude,



  2. This morning I noticed at CNN that Belgian doctors are leaving patients unattended at night due to the negative of UN forces to give security at night but a doctor from CNN press team assumed the work and reported he will be there until another group can give assistance to patients. This reflects the clearing of “We are afraid that we are forgotten …”


  3. Florencia, Thank you so much for sharing this story.
    Three updates that feel like reflections to repatternings this week:
    1) Watch videos #1 and #2 here:
    2) Letter from Clinton Foundation today to members of foundation.
    He writes…Kimberly,
    Yesterday I traveled to Haiti to deliver emergency supplies, see the conditions on the ground first-hand, and meet with government officials.
    I wish you could have seen what I saw. Haitians were performing surgeries at night, without lights, with no anesthesia, using vodka to sterilize equipment. It’s astonishing what they’ve been able to accomplish in such devastating conditions.
    We delivered the first of the supplies made possible by your support — generators, gas cans, solar flashlights, bottles of water, food, and medicines. You can be assured that your donations are being put to good use. We’ve already distributed more than $3 million to 12 organizations on the ground.
    Only with your continued generosity will we be able to sustain these efforts and save more lives. Please make a donation of any size today:
    Even after this earthquake, I believe Haiti has the best chance in my lifetime to escape its history — a history that Hillary and I have been able to share in a small way.
    It’s going to take a lot of help and a long time, but they can build a better future if we do our part.
    Thank you for your compassion and commitment to the people of Haiti,
    Bill Clinton
    3) Follow for updates:


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